Bacon Basket Weaving- Part Food. Part Craft. All Awesome.

For those who eat it, bacon is delicious. In the past few years, however, bacon has become kind of a saturated fad. There for awhile, it was showing up in everything- chocolate bacon, bacon rice-krispie treats, bacon martinis, bacon tattoos, bacon everything. I was… Continue Reading

6 Clean and Healthy Fruit Snacks

Hello World, my name is Coralie Scott and I am a snacker. I love snacks and I love snackin’! It’s important to know, though, that snacks can get you in trouble! I have found that it is in my and… Continue Reading

Pancake Squares! Or, Everything You Know About Breakfast is a Lie.

Baked Pancake Squares

Okay. Maybe the above title is a slight exaggeration, but I stumbled upon something that kind of revolutionizes two breakfast components. I have been jamming on some breakfast couscous lately… but on Saturday mornings, I like to try and take breakfast… Continue Reading

Pinterest Test Kitchen: Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Write this down in your book of No Joke: Cauliflower Crust Pizza is AWESOME!!! Cauliflower is my new favorite vegetable! As I mentioned in the cauliflower cheese-y bread post, I used to think cauliflower was broccoli’s nasty cousin. Now, I think cauliflower… Continue Reading