Spray, Girl: Bitches Need Stitches!

I am a super-feminist. Women can do anything and everything they set their minds to– and don’t even try to stop them. We can run countries/businesses, create life, and go to space. Ladies have come so far– although a lot of… Continue Reading

Milky Ice Berries and an Interesting Nutritional Fact…

Imma gonna give you a great, easy dessert recipe… but first I want to give Coralie a birthday shout-out! Her b-day falls on Sunday this year and (since we don’t publish on Sunday) I wanted to get this out there before… Continue Reading

Pinterest at it’s Finest- Skinny, Slow-Cooker Enchiladas!

Bub and I are starting to finally come back to cooking at home. Actually, we started getting back in the swing of things around the end of September, first of October. Consequently, I have been trolling Pinterest for some healthy… Continue Reading

Halloween Party Treats

[spotify track=”https://play.spotify.com/track/6GmL39a9OazWtyMkAbJz7v”] Y’all. Baby Bub will be a year old tomorrow! Oh my goodness- time flies! I mean, flies! This was just the first year! As he gets older he won’t grow and develop as fast as he has this… Continue Reading