A Guest Post! By: Carina– For Active Girls or Anyone Considering Ditching the ‘Poo

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  Dear Readers, My sweet and clever friend Carina wrote this interesting essay about ditching the traditional shampoo/conditioner method of hair washing on a cool fitness blog she is running. I knew immediately after reading it that it was something I wanted to share… Continue Reading

A Recap of Our Family Outing to Tupelo, Mississippi

[spotify track=”spotify:local:Clarence+Carter:Soulful+Christmas+%5bDisc+2%5d:Back+Door+Santa:129″] Faithful Reader, you may already know that Tupelo is the birthplace of Elvis but did you know that it is the home of my best friend, Bridgette, and her family? Well, yes it is. I must admit that I do… Continue Reading

When Life Hands You Lemons… Literally.

Can you imagine a world where avocados just grew on trees? Where you could walk out to your yard and pick a lemon for your Aviator cocktail. Or, grab a lime to squeeze over your watermelon. It’s a shame places… Continue Reading

Chargrilled Oysters, Injected Fried Chicken and Spinach Salad- Come and Get it!

I promised last week that I would do a recap of our Thanksgiving Eve. It’s going to have to be in two parts. Today, I am going to do the savory items and then on Monday I will do the sweets.… Continue Reading

Black Friday and the Full-On, Homemade Christmas


I have lived all my 33-years without participating in a single “Black Friday”…  until this year. Saving 15% on an appliance never trumped my desire to sleep in after eating Turkey the day before. In fact, just thinking about storming a store in a mob of… Continue Reading

88/29 Day Challenge: Less Than a Month To Go, Gang!

Our first Thanksgiving holiday in Burbank was lovely–full of friends, calls from family, and an amazing couple of dinners. Christmas is approaching faster than I am ready for and the first of the year is around the corner. 60 days ago, I made… Continue Reading