The Lucky One: My Trip to Vegas

[spotify track=”spotify:track:0lTrunYU4xo46shJeK9Xjp”] If asked to describe Vegas in one word, I would first ask why someone was asking, but then (after thinking) would have to answer, “surreal.” Vegas is literally the antithesis of reality. An adult Disney World rising out of the middle of… Continue Reading

Mod-Podged Boxes: A Pinterest Experiment

Here are two shoeboxes that have been decoupaged with wrapping paper.

[spotify track=”spotify:track:2F4vE7HMmvGqyY0k07AvHq”] Little boxes, on my table. Little boxes made with wrapping paper. Little boxes, never ending. Little boxes, ugh! Insane! If you read this blog with some regularity, by now you know how much I love both crafting and re-using/upcycling things. Although… Continue Reading

The Cheat Day

[spotify track=”spotify:track:6M25FTHCAOy7ihR5U6k5pB”] This post is not about celebrating a holiday surrounding classic character The Cheat from Homestar Runner. This post ALSO isn’t about Bob Kuban and the In-Men’s classic song, “The Cheater”… though I wish it was. And although this is a post about temptation, it… Continue Reading


The word “hummingbird” takes me immediately to my grandmother’s kitchen in the summertime. I spent a lot of time with my Georgia grandparents growing up. And I love the memory I have of stirring the sugar and water together in a pot over the… Continue Reading

Clam Shell Succulent Bowl: I Love It When a Clam Comes Together

A Succulent Fairy Garden in a ceramic clam shell.

I’m in this weird place right now where things are coming together. Projects that have languished (some for years) are being completed. Lots of things are getting checked off my to-do list, and wheels are in motion on a lot… Continue Reading