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At FTTDWYW, we are always striving to share projects and recipes with our readers in the most effective way possible. Some attempts are more successful than others, but we always try to explain it in the best way we can. I always assume my audience is of above average intelligence and try to write accordingly. Again, some attempts are more successful than others. But how far do you take it? How much assumption do you take when writing a tutorial? Reading the news should be enough to let you know that someone else’s common sense isn’t something you should take for granted. Which is why I wanted to point you guys to an article that made its way through my newsfeed recently. It made me laugh. I’m passing it on to you in hopes that it might do the same.

Amazing Donut Cake Recipe Teaches Idiots to Make a Pile of Donuts

The article comes from Jezebel.com, a perennial favorite. The article pokes fun at a lifestyle blog who recently published an article with intricate directions detailing how to artfully make a pile of doughnuts. Which in itself is funny. But what really tickles my funny bone are the comments- both in the article, the webpage it is referencing, and a corresponding example relating to a recipe for ice. Normally, internet comments are something of which to be wary. But, in this case, people’s outrage gives me great hope.

So, if you have a minute or a desire to go down a humorous, internet rabbit hole, here are the following for your consideration:

Amazing Donut Cake Recipe Teaches Idiots how to Make a Pile of Donuts

Recipe File: The Easiest Donut Cake at The Glitter Guide

Recipe for Ice Cubes on Food.com

Again, the real gold is in the comments. Happy Friday, y’all!


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