Pinterest- What a Wonderful Way to Spend… Hours upon Hours of Your Life!

I think it is very safe to say that both Leigh & I are big fans of Pinterest. I mean, we have an entire section of this blog devoted to projects and recipes inspired by what we have found on… Continue Reading

Blogaversary Week: The Faves!

Can you hear that? What?! You don’t hear the trumpets?! You can’t see the confetti?! Well, let me tell you… it’s a veritable Carnivale over here at FTTDWYW. Cause, you know what? This week is our one-year blogaversary! Fun Things To Do… Continue Reading

Family Traditions

[spotify track=”spotify:local:Hank+Williams%2c+Jr.:Hank+Williams%2c+Jr.%27s+Greatest+Hits%2c+Vol.+1:Family+Tradition:240″] I had such grand plans for the blog for this holiday season. I wanted to write many thoughtful posts about all the things that make the season special to me and mine. Fortunately (or unfortunately for the readers)… Continue Reading