A Cake For Jojo: Personalized, Chocolate Wafer Birthday Cake

I consider myself a cake connoisseur. Cakes that I don’t enjoy are few and far between. Whenever my birthday rolls around, my cake of choice is and always has been carrot. Everyone else has an official birthday cake preference, right? Six years ago, when… Continue Reading

Blogaversary Week: The Faves!

Can you hear that? What?! You don’t hear the trumpets?! You can’t see the confetti?! Well, let me tell you… it’s a veritable Carnivale over here at FTTDWYW. Cause, you know what? This week is our one-year blogaversary! Fun Things To Do… Continue Reading

Family Traditions

[spotify track=”spotify:local:Hank+Williams%2c+Jr.:Hank+Williams%2c+Jr.%27s+Greatest+Hits%2c+Vol.+1:Family+Tradition:240″] I had such grand plans for the blog for this holiday season. I wanted to write many thoughtful posts about all the things that make the season special to me and mine. Fortunately (or unfortunately for the readers)… Continue Reading