A Recap of Our Family Outing to Tupelo, Mississippi

[spotify track=”spotify:local:Clarence+Carter:Soulful+Christmas+%5bDisc+2%5d:Back+Door+Santa:129″] Faithful Reader, you may already know that Tupelo is the birthplace of Elvis but did you know that it is the home of my best friend, Bridgette, and her family? Well, yes it is. I must admit that I do… Continue Reading

88/29 Day Challenge: Less Than a Month To Go, Gang!

Our first Thanksgiving holiday in Burbank was lovely–full of friends, calls from family, and an amazing couple of dinners. Christmas is approaching faster than I am ready for and the first of the year is around the corner. 60 days ago, I made… Continue Reading

November 1… Less than 2 Months to Christmas- Here Goes Nothing.

[spotify track=”https://play.spotify.com/track/7KL9lVJ4d7iQZVa38GphqQ”] Goodness Gracious. This has been a very fast week! Even though my pity party post published Monday, it was written Sunday, so actually the pity party was over when I woke up Monday morning. Monday was a pretty good day- And… Continue Reading

Halloween Party Treats

[spotify track=”https://play.spotify.com/track/6GmL39a9OazWtyMkAbJz7v”] Y’all. Baby Bub will be a year old tomorrow! Oh my goodness- time flies! I mean, flies! This was just the first year! As he gets older he won’t grow and develop as fast as he has this… Continue Reading