Long Island Medium Come to Pleasure Island!

Any of my good friends and especially Bub know I am a reality TV junkie. I just love watching reality TV and I have since the very first season (New York) of The Real World on MTV! I make no qualms about it- none. I just find watching human behavior riveting. If I were inclined, I might would argue that reality tv is a modern popular culture ethnography of sorts… but, I’m not inclined. I am inclined to make sure you understand I unabashedly love reality tv- the good and the bad.

Now that we have that out of the way, I want to share with you my favorite reality tv show right now: The Long Island Medium. I think Theresa Caputo is just something else! Seriously. If you are ever wondering what you can do for me- you can arrange a reading for me with her!


I am not interested in soothing your skepticism about Theresa or her abilities. This is how I look at it, death is so final. It forces you to say goodbye to people you may or may  not be ready to say goodbye to- whether or not you believe in an afterlife does not effect the depth of your grief. In my (humble) opinion, the worst part of death is the separation between the dead and living and this separation is where grief stems from.

So. Enter the Long Island Medium. She says the souls of the departed are still with us. Ok. I can sink my teeth into that. That is so incredibly comforting to me. There are a lot of departed people that I wish were still around! I am just glued to the tube when it comes to Theresa Caputo because she is seemingly an operator between us and our departed loved ones! I DVR it every week so I can watch it without commercials and 9 times out of 10 I bawl my eyes out watching it.

There was one show in particular that really-really-really touched me. Theresa and her family went out to eat at a Japanese restaurant and sat at a hibachi. If you watch the show, you know that inevitably  Theresa is going to read an unsuspecting somebody. This time was no exception. Once Theresa introduced herself and explained what was happening, the woman asked questions about her father who was passed away. The woman had a grand-baby that was born after the woman’s own father had passed away and the woman was sad that the two had never met. Theresa assured her that her father had held his great-grand baby before the baby was born.

I loved that. I mean, I loved that. I really latched onto that. I really took comfort from that. And I knew without a doubt that my grandfathers, grandmother and uncle had all held Baby Bub before he was born. And I knew that Bub’s Daddy and Grandfathers had held him before he was born too. It was a very calming and comforting realization for me. For causing this light bulb to go off in my head, I will forever be a fan of Theresa Caputo aka the Long Island Medium!

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