Finch – Your New Self-Care Best Friend

A close-up of a phone screen showing four app icons: Finch, Duolingo, NYT Games and Spotify.

Self-care is the most important thing you can do for yourself and for those around you. It is also a bit of a buzzword these days. Of the many self-care apps this writer has downloaded (and there have been many), few have actually made it into the daily rotation. Finch – Your New Self-Care Best Friend is a rare exception. 

Another Inspirational Quote from Finch Self Care Pet

If you ever had a Tomogatchi pet, it is a very similar premise. For those who didn’t tomoget that reference, Finch is a digital pet on your phone/tablet. But, one might say, “I have plenty of my own creatures to take care of, why would I want to spend any of my time taking care of a digital one?” Because, your Finch: Self-Care Pet grows stronger as you take care of yourself. Finch: Self-Care Pet has gamified self-care and it’s in the cutest package. From, “do a breathing exercise” and “listen to a soundscape” to doing the basics: dishes, getting out of bed, taking a shower, etc. Finch is pure dopamine. For those who find taking care of yourself easy to do always and need no incentive– enjoy your golden life. For everyone else, Finch: Self-Care Pet is a really soft, delightful, funny way to be and do nicer things for yourself.

Finch in Apple App Store

Upon downloading, you are gifted an adorable Birb. You name them, pick their colors, choose their outfits, and decorate their wittle birb house. As you do things that take care of yourself, your Birb gets to go on adventures. Yes, I am aware of how this sounds. And over-explaining it will only make it worse. But in this dark world, I’ll take any cheap hit of happiness I can get. There is also a cooperative level, so you and your friends can do it together.

For example: this is my birb, Totes. (The one on the left). He is dressed as a pirate because the theme last month was, “Buccaneer’s Bounty.” This is Totes’ treehouse and my friend J.’s birb (Finley) is visiting. They are also holding their micropets. Yes, the digital micropets have digital micropets. Embrace it. As I said, over-explaining this game sounds bananas.

Next to Duolingo, NYT Games, and Shazam, Finch is one of my favorite apps. Without being cloying, Finch is really charming and worth your time. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Finch is an Editors Choice in the App Stores and highly recommended.

A screengrab of an inspirational reminder from Finch as well as a feeling tracker.

Mobile devices and self-care don’t normally go together in the same sentence, but this is an exception. Finch is free, and because it’s 2024, of course there is a paid premium subscription. I advocate very few in-app purchases, but the Finch Plus membership is well worth it.

Do you already Finch? Do you live a monastic life forsaking mobile devices? As always, let us know in the comments. 

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