Star Trek Onesie: Part, the Second

Finished Star Trek Captains Onesie

If you follow the blog regularly, you might recall a post I did several months ago about a Star Trek-inspired onesie (an infants outfit).  The post found its way onto Reddit and was even featured on another craft blog! In the post, I stepped out how I made the com-badge and chose the right gold pips but was lean on the construction details– the reason being that I used a pattern (that I didn’t create) from a website that went defunct. I’ve gotten several requests for any information I might still have about the pattern, and after finally completely unpacking my crafting boxes I uncovered the original pattern that I had smartly saved! The pattern is something that, I feel, needs to be ON the internet… somewhere, at least. So, until comes back online (or, until I get a cease and desist order) I wanted to share the pattern with you.

The drafter of the pattern (again, from the defunct– trying to give ALL the credit, here) did so on a fancy computer animated design program. It was a legit pattern with measurements and details on it. What I didn’t realize at the time I printed the pattern though was that the drafter had also printed the pattern on a schmancy-oversized-professional printer. When I printed mine off on my normal printer, the pattern did not automatically scale down. This fact was not evident to me until after I was 3/4 of the way finished making the world’s smallest Star Trek onesie and I finally gave in to the fact that something was up. I scanned in all the miniature original pieces and scaled them up on my computer and then used her measurements (in millimeters) to verify that I had the right size.

So, here is what I’ve got for all you forensic seamstresses out there: the first 5 photos are scans of MY pattern pieces– the ones that I scaled up after the original printing. Some of the measurements from the original pieces might be cut off… which is why I ALSO included the last 10 photos which are my scans OF the original pieces. Yeah? Make sense? I included the original ones for your reference. All of the files are hosted here… but, again… the real credit goes out to the former owner of I’ve got my pattern pieces uploaded in a standard 8.5″x11″ format for easy printing… the others/originals are there for numbers and cross-referencing. If you are printing the pieces out, make sure to use the original file and not the thumbnail.

I hate that I can’t write step-by-step instructions for the pattern (maybe one day I’ll piece it together) but the original instructions are lost to the internet void. I do remember modifying the collar… and there isn’t a pattern piece for the bias leg bindings but if you are tackling this project, odds are that you probably know how to do that stuff… if you don’t, let me know and I’ll talk you through it. I also included the pattern I used for the insignia on the com-badge… just for funsies!

I’ve attached the zip file of what I have, though be forewarned, the pattern size is for the newest of newborns. It is micro. All my friends for whom I’ve made them said they were only worn once for the picture. So, if I may suggest, I’ve had great success buying two pre-made onesies (one in black for the sleeves and bottom, and then whatever color Star Fleet Department you want). Use the pattern for the angles, but making a larger onesie means longer usage!


Blog-friend extraordinaire Sheila used an internet archive and found the original .pdf for the ST:TNG pattern… the website may be gone, but let this be a lesson that if you put something on the internet, it really never goes away. This time, it worked out for the better. But, again, let me tell you that unless you print out the online version on an industrial, CAD printer, you will be getting a very small onesie. But, email me and I’ll get you the to-scale patterns!

Live long and something something!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this idea. My daughter and I want to make one of these for her baby due in January. Thanks also to the person who originated the idea and I would love to see your website with instructions if you can bring it back. Such a cool idea!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern! My husband is so excited that I’m tackling this project soon!

  3. Hello! This is perfect! I had my first son in July of this year and desperately want to make a Picard costume for this Halloween. He wears a size 3 month onesie. I’d be so grateful if you still had this available to send our way!

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