Blogaversary Week: The Faves!

Can you hear that? What?! You don’t hear the trumpets?! You can’t see the confetti?! Well, let me tell you… it’s a veritable Carnivale over here at FTTDWYW. Cause, you know what? This week is our one-year blogaversary! Fun Things To Do… Continue Reading

Chargrilled Oysters, Injected Fried Chicken and Spinach Salad- Come and Get it!

I promised last week that I would do a recap of our Thanksgiving Eve. It’s going to have to be in two parts. Today, I am going to do the savory items and then on Monday, I will do the… Continue Reading

November 1… Less than 2 Months to Christmas- Here Goes Nothing.

[spotify track=””] Goodness Gracious. This has been a very fast week! Even though my pity party post published Monday, it was written Sunday, so actually the pity party was over when I woke up Monday morning. Monday was a pretty good day- And… Continue Reading

Halloween Party Treats

Y’all. Baby Bub will be a year old tomorrow! Oh my goodness- time flies! I mean, flies! This was just the first year! As he gets older he won’t grow and develop as fast as he has this first year… Continue Reading

Cinco de Mayo Mexican Fiesta!

As I have mentioned, I love holidays! I love them all! And do y’all know what holiday is this weekend?!? It’s Leigh’s Birthday holiday weekend! Yeah, that’s right. Our very own Leigh has successfully made it another year on this… Continue Reading

Pinterest Test Kitchen: Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Write this down in your book of No Joke: Cauliflower Crust Pizza is AWESOME!!! Cauliflower is my new favorite vegetable! As I mentioned in the cauliflower cheese-y bread post, I used to think cauliflower was broccoli’s nasty cousin. Now, I think cauliflower… Continue Reading

Best, Easiest Feta Cheese Dip: Everything is Betta with Feta!*

Best/Easiest Feta Dip

*Assuming you like Feta cheese. I found a pin on Pinterest that was titled, “Feta Dip” with “Everyone begs for the recipe” in the descriptor section. Everyone has different tastes, and Feta (like cilantro) is polarizing. I, personally, really like… Continue Reading