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We’re Coralie and Leigh. We are literally old school friends, having met at a boarding school nearly 20 years ago. We had and continue to have an enduring connection that binds us. We both originate from small towns in the South: Leigh, a small town in N.E. Georgia, and Coralie, a small town in S.W. Alabama. That perspective paints who we are on a fundamental level. What makes our blog special is our similarities AND differences (see what we did there?!). We each have different opinions and interests, but we both have a love of life, friends, family, food, and the funny!

After high school, Leigh graduated from The University of Georgia and built her resume. She moved to Chicago to pursue her comedic creative dreams in 2005. Leigh really fell in love with Chi-town: the culture, the people, the restaurants, and one boy, Jo-Jo, in particular. She did not, however, fall in love with the weather and as such, she and Jo-Jo decided to relocate to Southern California so she could pursue the eldritch arts of hustling in the entertainment industry. She loves her family, long walks, playing bridge, tea parties, and archaic crafting techniques. She is also, despite her interests, not 74 years old.

After high school, Coralie went on to attend Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi where she eventually found herself bartending in downtown bars. She moved to Auburn, Alabama to pursue a degree in hospitality at Auburn University. While attending school there she met her future husband, who she lovingly calls Bub, in Birmingham. After she graduated from Auburn, they married & moved to Gulf Shores, AL. Coralie managed a successful restaurant there on the coast until the birth of their son, Baby Bub, in October of 2012.

So, come hang with us while we explore fun things to do!


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  1. You ladies are awesome! How can I subscribe to your blog? The subscribe link doesn’t seem to work. Cheers!

    • Deanna! So glad you like our little spot in the blogasphere! I am not sure why our subscribe link is not working… there’s no telling! An easy way to keep up with us is through a blog reader- I use Feedly, Leigh uses a different one. In the mean time, I will get on trying to figure out why the subscribe link is not working. We totally appreciate you stopping by and checking in. -Coralie

    • Hey Deanna! Would you believe that it has taken us this long to figure out how to do a subscription options? It has. We are definitely self-taught bloggers! Starting May 3rd, we’re creating a Newsletter that has our Fun Things guide to all that’s cool for the months (as well as a recap of the other posts you may have missed if you aren’t on our site alllll the time). There are several ways to subscribe: through the links in our website (sidebar, footer, menu, we’re trying to put it everywhere!). There is also a link on our Facebook page… and if that isn’t an option, you can go straight to the source! By clicking here: http://eepurl.com/cJml75 We’re really excited about this next step and would love it if you would consider subscribing! Thanks for reading! xoxo, Leigh

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