Fun Things To Do: March 2017


Whether March is in like a lion and out like a lamb, you NEED some fun things to do! We have compiled our favorite things to listen to, read, watch, and do. For this March, at least!

Fun Things October 2016 Music

Our latest playlist is still in heavy rotation on my speakers. Though, primarily, I’m listening to my first pass of our NEXT playlist which is shaping up so nicely. I’m winnowing down the 32 contenders to a tight 15-18 songs. Sorry, it’s private until perfected. Though after imputing all my recently Shazam-ed songs into the first pass playlist (which is the first part of how I compile my side of the playlists) I noticed that three of the songs on my list were from the same artist. Have y’all heard of Jim James? He’s the lead singer of My Morning Jacket (among other things), but his two solo albums are magic. I listened to both and was immediately hooked. It’s labelled psychedelic/indie rock, which it is, but it feels more familiar than that. It’s dreamy and beautiful and it has been on heavy rotation since hearing. Here is a taste with a beautiful build to the finish.

Like it? Then check out his latest album, Eternally Even, here.

You know I’ve been listening to Katy Perry’s new jam. I suggest you do, too! It’s devastating- underneath its bubblegum façade lurks a brutal message. Of the 38 million views it has received, I suspect I’m responsible for at least 14 million.

Speaking of strong, opinionated ladies, if you haven’t already heard of Sister Rosetta Tharpe (who may very well be the lady who invented Rock n’ Roll) then put this playlist on your radar. If still alive, I feel like she would be besties with Coralie and me. She’s sassy, has a great stage presence, and can shred an ax.

If after all that you are still looking for more music, may I suggest re-listening to our latest playlist?

Okay. Quite Honestly. I am still all up in the Spotify. I have one master list that I stick everything and then I listen to it on shuffle. There are songs that I just wore slap out- and once I had worn them out, I kinda put them aside and haven’t listened to them in some cases, years. The thing is- fantastic songs just over played in my own rotation. However, I have been adding every song that comes to my mind in my master list. I am also adding every song that I hear that catches my ear. So, when I have all the oldies mixed in with all the newbies- it makes a great playlist.

And I am sure at some point- Leigh and I have waxed and waned about how a playlist is not 100% complete until all the songs are in the right place and order. But, I want to recant my feelings on that. Don’t get me twisted- there are some songs that I automatically start singing the next song because I listened to mixed tapes and mixed CDs so much that I know what the next song is going to be. However. Maybe some of Bub’s preferences have rubbed off on me- I down with a random mix, even if I know all the songs.

(If you want to riffle through my Master List- here’s a link.)

I recently read an article where Martha Stewart shared her five favorite books. One of her recommendations was The Affair of the Necklace by Alexander Dumas. Being a big fan of some of his other works, I thought I’d give this one a chance… especially if THE Martha Stewart listed it as one of her favorite books ever. It was certainly interesting as both a historical and anthropological study (they loved to drink large glasses of orgeat straight!) and I can imagine it was BIG DEAL when it came out. It’s based on a true story of court intrigue and really makes you feel bad for Marie Antoinette. But… meh. I wasn’t enraptured like I was hoping to be. After I finished it, I went (no surprise) straight back to the safety of another Elizabeth Gaskell book. I’m currently reading North and South.

So, since I’m not really recommending a book this time, I am going to recommend this amazing article on how to avoid buyers remorse at thrift stores. It is a MUST READ!


…And Scene.


Everyone is watching BBC’s Planet Earth II series, right? If you aren’t, you should. If you haven’t seen the first one (available on Netflix), you should. It is both beautiful and heartbreaking. Not only is it on the cutting edge of filmmaking technology, but the subject is both astonishing and universal. Also, birds are assholes.

Planet Earth II

The Young Pope on HBODo you like Wes Anderson movies? House of Cards? What about Italian Renaissance art and architecture? Then have I got a show for you! We’ve been watching The Young Pope (streaming through HBOGO). The premise is: what if the new Pope were 50… and actually COULD talk to God. It’s pretty wild, but also absolutely beautiful. It can be a little slow. And if you aren’t into subtitles, then this might not be a show for you. But, it’s elevated story telling that raises a lot of important issues.

Santa Clarita DietOn the complete opposite end of the spectrum is Santa Clarita Diet. Suburban mom inexplicably is infected by a virus which causes her to become a zombie. Hilarity ensues. Created by the same guy who did Better Off Ted (which is a perennial favorite around here) this show is fast-paced, broad, and a low-gore zombie offering. We started watching it based on a recommendation and wound up finishing it almost immediately. It’s only 13 episodes and (if you can get over some initial hurdles) it winds up being quite fun.

Months ago, a funny standup set from Gary Gulman (on Conan) came through my feed. After watching, I immediately went to Netflix, found his latest hour-long special, put it on my queue, and promptly forgot about it. Cut to months later when I needed 44-minutes of background noise.  Here’s the clip that got me– it is the tale of how postal codes got their abbreviations. If the below clip tickles your funny bone (and, it might be one of the funniest things I’ve heard in years) then head to Netflix and find: “Gary Gulman : It’s About Time“. Don’t wait for months like I did. His special is superb. And this is coming from a comedy snob.


Okay. This is what I have been watching- as I alluded to last month- I am keeping up with the Bachelor. Leigh kinda broke the seal and by that I mean she told me who is going to win. Apparently there is some insider that dishes the scoop like Kim Parnell did at the ice cream shop back before ‘Nam. So, I have been watching Nick and his honeys with a different light. Don’t get me wrong- I am not one of those people that get all worked up about spoilers. I’m totally not- but, it has been completely interesting to be watching having a clue as to who Nick picks. I don’t want to listen to the haters who hate spoilers— but, I like Nick and I have since he was on Andi’s season and called her out for throwing a leg up and not picking him. Speaking of, Andi was very cool on this week’s show.

And you know what else I am watching? I know you don’t, so I will tell you- I am watching I Am Jazz. Have you seen this? She is the typical 15 year girl trying to figure life out- and her family, her parents are super cute and her grandparents- they keep it real. As a matter of fact, the whole family keeps it real. Jazz’s mom is a moma bear- all she wants is her children to succeed at life. I mean, it is reality tv at its finest! What’s the catch? Jazz is transgender.

Hold on, let me get my soapbox out.

I want to say this- first and foremost, we are all human. We are human beings and the vast majority of us have feelings. You may not understand my feelings and I may not understand yours. I may not understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes and you might be clueless about mine but as humans- we owe it to other humans to act right. No, we don’t have to agree on anything- and you most certainly don’t have to look through the rabbit hole and see what I see. But, if you can’t act like a decent human being and have manners and respect- I do not have a space for you in my life. If you are a hater, you can just keep on moving.

Can you imagine having one gender’s brain and the physical body of another gender? Can you image how difficult and scary that has to be as a child? And can you imagine helping your child navigate being transgender- when so many humans are truly ruthless. I think Jazz is leaps and bounds ahead of lots of humans- just in her capacity for empathy. And her family, her moma and daddy are not on the easy train either. Am I asking you to run go have sex with her? Of course not. But, to respect another human being- yes. The show has really made me think.

This past Valentines Day, Josh and I got engaged– after dating for only 11 years! Which means that I’m in the exploratory stages of wedding planning. Which mostly means a lot of Pinterest, right now. But we are hoping to have some things decided by April. Will obviously keep you posted.



You wanna know what I’m doing? I’m keeping it real. I’m keeping it so real. What does that mean? It means I have been showing up and putting myself in the arena.



And that brings us to a close on this installment of Fun Things To Do. What have you been doing this past month? You know we are always looking for something good to watch on TV or something good to listen to or read. If you have something fun to do- please lay it on us! And did you catch that last bit from Leigh?!?! She’s gonna make an honest man out of Jojo! She’s got a wedding to plan! Some good wedding advice will also be much appreciated.

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