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So. Let me tell you, I (Coralie) have turned into somewhat of slackass on the blog front. Leigh sent me a text at least a week ago but I think it was more like 2 weeks ago asking me to do the graphics for this post and get it rolling… and isn’t that graphic real nice? Yeah, Leigh did it. And now we are at the end of Wednesday and I couldn’t even find where to begin this playlist— I swear to all that might care that I checked all the usual places and just couldn’t find it… until once again, Leigh texted me this morning telling me it’s on You Tube… as it has been for years now… I’m over here in left field just watching the lady bugs! Also in our text messages this morning, we talked about my renewed love affair with Spotify… I will expound on that more next month because it is def a fun thing to do.

But, anyway- let’s roll this latest playlist out- there are some killer songs on it.

(Coralie)- The Weekend/Starboy ft. Daft Punk: oooo, it’s catchy

(Coralie)- Send My Love (To your New Lover)/ Adele: This song came on the radio and I thought to myself- Adele did it again.

(Coralie)- Hey Ya!/ Outkast: I’m throwing it back.

(Coralie)- Born This Way/ Lady Gaga: It’s no secret I am a Lady Gaga fan. And her super bowl half time show was great.

(Coralie)- Dancing Queen/ Abba: guess who is going to tour this year?!

(Coralie)- Dark Necessities/ Red Hot Chili Peppers: both of my sister-in-laws are big ol’ RHCP fans and I have to say- after watching the carpool karaoke with them, I was reminded of how many of their songs I know.

(Leigh) – Fireball/Pitball: I put this song on the playlist as a joke… and then it started permeating my life. My mom was singing it. Josh was singing it. I mean, you got to give it to the guy. What a brilliant idea to basically remake the song, “Tequila“.

(Coralie)- Father Figure/ George Michael: Oh George.

(Coralie)- Dust on the Bottle/ David Lee Murphy: there’s another throw back!

(Leigh) – Banana Pancakes/Jack Johnson: The first time I heard this song was when my brother was learning to play the lick on the guitar. I made up my own lyrics to it and it wound up becoming a running joke. While in Memphis, a musician was performing his interpretation at a restaurant during one of our restaurant forays. It makes me smile.

(Leigh) –  Perm/Bruno Mars: I told you I love this album.

(Coralie)- The Ballad of Curtis Lowe/ Lynyrd Skynyrd: I mean. Yeah.

(Coralie)- Perfect Gentleman/ Wycleff Jean: um, Chris Rock said No Sex in the Champagne Room!

(Coralie)- Hanginaround/ Counting Crows: I was driving home today and this came on the radio…

(Leigh) – Driving My Life Away/Eddie Rabbit: I didn’t know who Eddie Rabbit was before our recent trip to Nashville. Now I do. It just goes to prove that ‘Country’ is a state of mind, not a specific location. Right, Keith Urban?

(Leigh) – Cranes In The Sky/Solange Knowles: Even though the drum intro makes me think it’s “How’s It Gonna Be” by Third Eye Blind every time, this song gives me a feathery vacation for a few minutes. Added bonus Minnie Ripperton moment!

(Leigh) – King of the World/ Weezer: We are the small fish. We swim together… We’ll face tsunamis together…”

(Coralie)- Body Like a Back Road/ Sam Hunt: so, in other news- I have fallen back in love with spotify and have been listening to it at work- I have been jamming at work- and I listen to the discover music tab— and this one came along and I mean, a body like a back road… all ears.

(Coralie)- Sugaree/ The Grateful Dead: I love this one.

(Coralie)- Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain/ Elvis Presley: Precious Darling

(Leigh) – Memphis Soul Stew/King Curtis: An actual recipe!

(Leigh) – I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink/Merle Haggard: Because.

(Coralie)- The Sinister Mister/ Bela Fleck and the Flecktones: our token bluegrass jam

(Leigh) – Celebrate/Anderson .Paak: Not a typo. My broham turned me onto this guy. Good stuff!

(Leigh) – In The Morning I’ll Be Better/Tennis: Very Carole King-esque. Including the art direction on the video. Which is a great thing!

(Leigh) – Gimme Some Kind of Sign/Brenton Wood: Nashville had a killer Oldies station. One reminiscent of Fox 97.1 in Atlanta during the nineties… which means it played songs from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. I guess the Oldies parameter is subjective, huh? Anyway, love this song.

(Coralie)- Sex for Breakfast/ Life of Dillon: need we say more?

(Leigh) – Mama/Empire Cast: Every once and a while, one of those songs really hits me. This is one of them. I both love my mama AND this is a good song. Makes me want to listen to Marvin Gaye.

(Coralie)- All I Wanna Do/ Sheryl Crow: We all know all the words to this one. Go ahead and sing along.

(Leigh) – Honkytonk Badonkadonk/Trace Adkins: My mom is a Lady (with a capital L)… and she loves this song. It is one of my favorite songs to which to do my “Opera Mom” impression.

(Leigh) – Head Over Heels/The Go-Go’s: This song makes me want to get everything done!

(Leigh) – Who’s Making Love/Johnnie Taylor: We went to the Stax Studio Museum in Memphis. It was hard choosing just three songs from the catalog for the playlist. Who is taking care of the caretakers daughter while the caretakers out there taking care?

(Coralie)- In the Deep/ Galactic ft. Macy Gray: New Orleans funk— it’s a do.

(Leigh) – Reflecting Light/Sam Phillips: A standout song from the Gilmore Girls revival soundtrack.

(Leigh) – Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get/The Dramatics: Another classic hit from the Stax catalog. “But baby… I’m for real. I’m about a real as real can get.”

(Leigh) – Connected/Stereo MC’s: Remember this song? This is one of those songs that takes me immediately to a time. And that time was the nineties.

(Leigh) -Stock Car Love/Doyle & Debbie: Do yourself a favor and skip to 2:30 of the video to avoid some of the more cringe-y Doyle bits. Debbie, on the other hand, is flawless and really everything I ever wanted to be as an entertainer. Novelty singers rarely get credit for how beautifully melodic their work is.

(Leigh) -Time For Love/Mayer Hawthorne: So funky. A million hearts.

(Leigh) – The Guitar/Guy Clark: I love a good mystical guitar origin story song. This one gives me chills like The Ride does from David Allen Coe.

(Leigh) – Films/Gary Numan: This song is cinematic!

(Leigh) – My God Is Real/Al Green: <3

(Leigh) – Put It Together/Langhorne Slim and The Law: A nice anthem.

(Coralie) – Dolla Diva/ Galactic: I hope you made it to the end of the list because this is my new favorite and I mean, favorite song. I mean, this is the only song I wanted to add to this playlist because it the only song I am listening to these days.


That’s a wrap.

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