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Whether you are decorating, Black Friday shopping, or recovering from a food coma, let this holiday mix get you in the spirit for whatever your day brings. We both chose a lot of these songs, so look for dual-editor comments- notated, as always by (C) & (L), accordingly. So, grab the eggnog and light a fire! Let’s get this Crimmus started!



  1. White Christmas/ The Drifters: (?) Did I or did Leigh add this song to our playlist- Leigh is indicating that I did- regardless, what a great way to get this Christmas playlist started! (L) I put it on here… its kind of the perfect start to any Christmas mix.
  2. Jingle Bells/Al Green: (L) This is a STAPLE Christmas album in my house hold. Russell and I walk around all Christmas singing the opening, “bedootdootdootdadoot *byou” of this song.
  3. The Christmas Song/ Nat King Cole: (L) Classic Christmas staple. Kids from 1-92… gets me every time.
  4. Last Christmas/ Wham!: (L) Everyone has a few of those Christmas songs. The ones they don’t really enjoy… and every time you hear them you sort of roll your eyes and groan. Along with Wings’, “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time”, this song used to be that song that I hated. Now my holiday season hasn’t official started until I’ve heard this.
  5. Baby It’s Cold Outside/ Tom Woppat and Antonia Bennett:  (L) Out of all the covers of this kind of creepy song, this one is my favorite. Just has the right kind of swing.
  6. This Christmas/ Donny Hathaway: (C)- I just like this song. “This Christmas will be a very special Christmas for me.” Yeah. (L) Yeah, Russell and I love this one, too. Years ago, he insisted the Chris Brown version of this song was better… I wonder what he thinks now.
  7. Santa Claus Is Back In Town/ Elvis Presley: (C) The Elvis Christmas album is my favorite. “It’s Christmas time pretty Baby and the snow is falling on the ground… you gonna see me coming in a big black Cadillac!” I love this song. (L) This is my dads all-time-favorite-Christmas-song. Ever.
  8. Merry Christmas Baby/ Otis Redding: (L) Big O doing Crimmus RIGHT! (C): I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE OTIS REDDING. I just had to take a break and dance to that one- twice.
  9. White Christmas/ Bing Crosby: (C) This version of this song reminds me of Christmas Days of my childhood. My grandmother always hosted the whole family and a bunch of friends for lunch, but before everybody got there- it was always just immediate family opening gifts and she always, always played Bing Crosby’s Christmas album.
  10. Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas/ Carla Thomas: (L) I Love this little Stax ditty. I mean, Gee Whiz! It’s Christmas!!
  11. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/ John & Yoko and The Plastic Ono Band: (C) “And so. This is Christmas”
  12. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree/ Brenda Lee: (C) Well, hell yeah.
  13. Please Come Home For Christmas/ Aaron Neville: (C) This album was also in the rotation on my Christmas Day at my grandmother’s. Now, Bub sings in his best Aaron Neville voice to me! (L) I love that story, CA. It’s one of my favorites, too!
  14. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!/Harry Connick, Jr.: (L) You know those holiday albums that get played over and over every year. This is one of ours. It’s pretty great.
  15. River/ Joni Mitchell: (L) This is one of those sad, lovely songs. But I can see the winter and the season in this song and it reminds me of Christmas feelz.
  16. Here Comes Santa Claus/Bob Dylan: (C) I have been a Bobby Zimmerman fan for a long time now and I was completely unaware that he had done a Christmas album until I sat down to work on this playlist. This song, in particular, off his Christmas album makes me love him all the more! He is not all serious- this is proof that he has a very playful side.
  17. The Christmas Waltz/ Frank Sinatra: (L) This lovely song of mine (in three quarter time) is something I find myself humming all season.
  18. Back Door Santa/ Clarence Carter: (C) “They call me the backdoor Santa- I make my runs about the break of day…” Ha! Get it Clarence! (L) Wouldn’t ole Santa be in trouble if their ain’t no chimney in the house?
  19. Blue Christmas/ Elvis Presley: (C) Yes. When Baby Bub thinks back on his Christmas memories one day- he will most certainly think of this song. Yes. This is the one I listen to the most.
  20. Jingle Bell Rock/ Bobby Helms: (C) Classic
  21. Ave Maria/ Schubert, Ester Rethy: (L) There are a few Christmas songs that make me cry, no fail. This is one of them.
  22. All I Want For Christmas Is You/ Mariah Carey: (L)- This is one of my mom’s favorite Christmas songs! I wish I had written. Can you imagine how crazy the residuals must be!
  23. Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth/ Bing Crosby & David Bowie: (L) This is one of the most crazy pairings ever… and I love it.
  24. Merry Christmas, Darling/ Carpenters: (L)- I defy you to tell me that this song isn’t charming.
  25. Santa Baby/ Eartha Kitt: (L) Boom. Ba-doom. Ba-doom. Ba-doombiaty.
  26. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas/ Michael Buble:(C) I love me some Michael Buble Christmas-
  27. O Come, All Ye Faithful/ The Mormon Tabernacle Choir: (L) This is the other song that makes me instantly cry. When they get to that, “Oh come let us adore Him…” bit, that’s it. Total waterworks.
  28. Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer/ Bing Crosby: (C) Classic- I can’t wait for the day when Baby Bub can sing this with me!
  29. O Holy Night/ Etta James: (C) I found Etta’s Christmas album a couple years ago and it has become a staple in my Christmas rotation. Baby Bub will also think of this one day when he thinks of Christmas. She does a fantastic job with song. “Fall on your knees and hear the Angel’s voices- oh night divine when Christ was born”
  30. Merry Christmas From The Family/ Robert Earl Keane: (L) This is another family Christmas favorite.
  31. I’ll Be Home For Christmas/ Frank Sinatra: (C) one more that was always in my grandmother’s Christmas rotation
  32. Every Day will be like a Holiday/ William Bell: (C) Leigh added this one, but goh- it’s good.
  33. What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve/ Rufus Wainwright: (L) “And just in case I stand a little chance… here comes the jackpot question in advance… What are you doing New Years… New Years Eve…”








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