Fall Y’all: The PLAYLIST

Abstract Fall Tree Light by Amy Vansgard

Abstract Fall Tree Light by Amy Vansgard

This summer flew by! Coralie and I made several playlists over the summer but never had the time to put pen to “paper” to give them a playlist explanation. Some of these songs are blatant summer songs, but now that they are on our Fall Y’all Playlist use them to conjure up a warmer time… when the drinks were sweatier, the clothes were lighter, and there was a coconutty smell of suntan lotion everywhere. But, as the temperature drops, and the drinks get warmer, let this playlist also get you into the mood. To do what? Who knows… but, it’ll get you there! It’s an extra long playlist to get you through October and November… but check back after Turkey Day for our exclusive holiday playlist! Start it up, yo! As always, find this playlist on our sidebar or follow us on Spotify where you will find all of our previous playlists!

  • Skit #2/ Kanye West: (L) Lord, lord… ain’t it true.
  • Sh**loads of Money/ Liz Phair: (L)”It’s nice to be liked, but it’s better by far to get paid…”
  • Berzerk/ Eminem: (L) This song really just makes me want to listen to Mickey Avalon’s “Stroke Me.”
  • Too Close/ Alex Clare: (L) This song in in like three commercials, but I really like it. Deal with it.
  • I Don’t Know/ Usher: (C) To be honest, I don’t know why I picked this song. I am a long-time fan of Usher…
  • Chocolate Legs/ Eric Benet: (L) I have always been a big fan of sexually suggestive soul music…
  • F**k Me Pumps/ Amy Winehouse: (C) What a tragedy Amy Winehouse’s life was. But, women out there- if you have never sported some fuck-me pumps- you owe it to yourself to go out and get some and rock ’em!
  • Work B**ch/ Britney Spears: (L) No matter what my mood, this song can get me to work out.
  • True Colors/ Cyndi Lauper: (C) Oh, Cyndi Lauper- here you are!
  • Senorita/ Tenacious D: (L) This song mentions “Coldwater Canyon”… which is funny, since it’s in Los Angeles… It also allows me to practice my Spanglish… which is always a plus.
  • Why/ Mary J. Blige: (L) Love this smooth jam.
  • Lightning Bolt/ Jake Bugg: (L) Love the old skool vibe to this song. And by old skool, I mean REALLY OLD SKOOL.
  • Can’t Get Enough/ J. Cole: (L) Totally dig J. Cole. “I love it when you give me head…I hate it when you give me headaches…”
  • A Real Hero/ College & Electric Youth: (L) This comes from the soundtrack to the movie “Drive”… crazy movie, better soundtrack. Very synth… very techno… very cool.
  • Tall Boy/ Widespread Panic: (C) “Looking for a place to shed our skin. Gonna summon the Holy Ghost from the battle field. In the morning our souls won’t be the same.” Well said fellas.
  • Can’t You Hear Me Knocking/ The Rolling Stones: (C) “CAN’TYOUHEARMEKNOCKING-help me baby… I’ll be begging on my knees…”
  • What Is This Feeling/ Al Green: (C) Al Green. I love you.
  • Snakebite/ Audra Mae: (L) LOVE this song.
  • Jump/ Van Halen: (C)
  • Polarize/ Rishabh Joshi: (L) Sometimes you just need some good electronica music to get work done.
  • Creep/ Macy Gray: (C) Radiohead cover. And Macy does a wonderful job in the way that Joe Cocker redid “Help from my Friends” wonderful job.
  • Higgins/ Umphrey’s McGee: (C) For those of you who do not consider yourself a jam band fan,  let me let you in on a secret- the secret to jam band listening is listening to the studio albums. I only like very, very clear live recordings- like from the sound board but then you run into 30 minute songs, which are absolutely not my favorite- much prefer a shorter song. To paraphrase Leigh, this is a rabbit hole conversation, so we’ll leave it alone now.
  • If You Have Faith/ Labi Siffre: (L) This song makes my soul feel good. If you have faith, that’s all you need.
  • Open Season/ High Highs: (L) I love dreamy songs. Dreamy songs are dreamy.
  • Thank You For Sending Me An Angel/ Talking Heads: (C) Found this alternative version to this song- just a little different, still real awesome.
  • Hold On/ Tom Waits: (L) Another feel-good, soul-affirming song.
  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody/ Whitney Houston: (C) I always wanna dance with somebody!
  • Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain/ Willie Nelson: (C): I have myself 2 blue-eyed Bubs.
  • Bulls on Parade/ Rage Against The Machine: (C) Every now & then, you gotta Rage.
  • Just Give Me A Reason/ P!nk: (C) I’ve been a fan of P!nk since she became popular. This song is no exception…
  • Smoke 2 Joints/ Macy Gray: (C) Well, see what happened was- I found an entire album of nothing but covers that Macy did— and again, she did an awesome job with this Sublime song… “I mean, I smoke 2 joints in the morning, I smoke 2 joints at night, I smoke 2 joints in the afternoon …and then I smoke 2 more”… huh, interesting concept.
  • The Highwaymen/ Highwayman: (C) “I fly a starship across the universe divide and when I reach the other side, I’ll find a place to rest my spirit if I can. Perhaps I may become a Highway Man again or perhaps I may be a single drop of rain- but, I will remain and I’ll be back again.”
  • Don’t Hold the Wall/ Justin Timberlake: (C) aka Bust a Move!
  • Fun, Fun, Fun/ Pharrell Williams: (L) This is a remnant from a summer playlist I put together. Pharrell Williams had a killer summer. From Blurred Lines, Get Lucky, and the Despicable Me soundtrack, that kid was killing it!
  • Best Feeling/ Keller Williams: (C) Listen to this song. “I went outside that night, set the o”ld imagination a flight- for a second I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.” It is just a feel good song. Listen to it.
  • Ignition Remix/ R. Kelly: (L) Say what you will about R. Kelly, but I’ll always say, “toot toot…. beep beep”
  • Kill and Run/ Sia: (L) This is from ‘The Great Gatsby’ soundtrack. I love how lush and dramatic it is…
  • Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It/ Will Smith: (C) Nananananananana na na. yeah Will!
  • Candy/ Martin Sexton: (L) If you like a good singer/songwriter, dig into Martin Sexton’s catalogue.
  • Heart It Races/ Architecture In Helsinki: (L) I like the tribal/Caribbean influence on this jam.
  • Little Black Submarines/ The Black Keys: (L) The first time I heard this song I said, “Wow… I didn’t know The Raconteurs put out a new album…” So, I guess the Jack White/Black Keys feud of the summer made sense.
  • Take It Back/ Cream: (C) A goodie.
  • Love The Way You Lie (Part II)/ Rihanna: (C) I have a weak spot for Rihanna and Eminem. I like this song.
  • Never Say Never/ Romeo Void: (L) Things would be better if we slept together.
  • Nothing Else Matters/ Macy Gray: (C)- another awesome cover.
  • I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times/ The Beach Boys: (L) Who doesn’t <3 The Beach Boys
  • With Arms Wide Open/ Creed: (C) Stephanie Webster, consider this a shout out. Yo.
  • Magic Summertime/ Eleni Mandell: (L) I’ve loved Eleni Mandell for a decade now. This was another remnant from a summertime playlist… but it puts me right back in the heat
  • Harvest Moon/ Poolside: (L) Neil Young’s original version of this song is one of my favorite Fall songs, but I heard this one this past summer and it made me want to sit by a pool and get rays… so, I guess it’s seasonally versatile.
  • Royals/ Lorde: (L) I put this song on our summer playlist back in June before it exploded. So, yeah… trend setting!
  • Love Song/ 311: (L) I love the original version of this song, but a beachy version is kinda cool.
  • Roar/ Katy Perry: (L) Haterz gonna hate. I love Katy Perry.
  • Blurred Lines/ Robin Thicke: (L) Have you heard this song? It’s pretty under the radar, but, I don’t know… it might catch on.


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