What Chew Watching? What Chew Reading? What Chew Listening To?

I always love to hear what other people are listening to, watching, or reading. I love it because it exposes me to new things and tells me a little bit about them and their habits. It is Fall, which means that the television season is in full swing. It also means that some big-name movies will be coming out. I’m not exactly sure when/if the publishing industry has big pushes, but I’m sure ‘before Christmas’ is one of them. Regardless, there is a lot of media to consume.

To What Am I Listening:

I listen to a lot of NPR and Top 40, mainly cause I like to stay abreast of what is going on. But, I read a recommendation in Entertainment Weekly that sounded intriguing. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of todays country music scene, but I know good song writing when I hear it. In a sea of pop-country, Brandy Clark is the real deal. She has written a ton of songs for other people, but her latest album “12 Stories” is excellent. Here is one of my favorite tracks–

[spotify track=”spotify:track:5dTFMew8faiXa25WQsAFlo”]

The whole album is funny, sad, real, and finely crafted. The first time I listened to it, I thought, “Coralie has GOT to listen to this.” Which should tell you something. At FTTDWYW, we are huge fans of Spotify. If you don’t already have it, download it to your computer… you could be listening to Brandy Clark’s album right. now.

Speaking of singer/songwriters, I have become entranced with Labi Siffre. I put one of his tracks on our ‘Fall Y’all’ playlist, but his other work is equally as beautiful and funky. He was mainly predominant in the 70’s, but I am just now discovering him. He is so much more than the one hook Eminem used of his on “My Name Is _____”. If you haven’t listened to our playlist, then just listen to this one song, you won’t regret it. Promise. His collection is also on Spotify, so check it out!

[spotify track=”spotify:track:1SdgxgGQJBxxv0MIGNd3Yb”]

What Am I Reading?

Per Sheila’s recommendation on my insomnia post, I am reading “Villette” by Charlotte Bronte. “Jane Eyre” is one of my favorites, so I had super-high hopes for “Villette”. This book is all over the place… there are some great elements and then there are some WHA?? parts. Sheila gave me the heads up that there are some pacing issues… and she was right. It also makes me wish I remembered more of my high school French. There are paragraphs of French dialogue. I get that when this book was published, the type of person who would have read it would probably have known French. The above paragraph isn’t doing much to recommend it, but if you enjoy period dramas then this might be something to check out. I haven’t STOPPED reading it… haven’t given up on it… so, there is THAT… Plus, its free on Kindle! 🙂 Also, if you aren’t on Goodreads yet, you should be… It is a site/app that allows you to keep track of what you are reading, what you thought of it and allows you to follow your friends as they do the same!

What Am I Watching?

I’m watching a lot of things… there are the returning favorites (Top Chef, Survivor, Project Runway All-Stars, Bob’s Burgers, New Girl, Scandal, Nashville, The League, Sons of Anarchy, Legend of Korra, It’s Always Sunny, Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, Grimm… and MORE– yes, it is possible) but of the new shows what I am REALLY LOVING?

  • Reign- It’s like Gossip Girl meets Game of Thrones. I love crazy costumes and dramas that play fast and loose with history. This fills all of those criteria.
  • The Writer’s Room- I love shows that pull the curtain back. Jim Rash interviews the writers and creators of some of todays best television shows. My only complaint is that it is only 30 minutes…
  • Sleepy Hollow- This show could have been really bad. This show has no right, really, to be as good as it is and I’m not exactly sure how it even got made. Like, Reign, it plays fast and loose with history… but for every ridiculous thing, there is an awesome, redeeming element. The lead actor plays historical fish-out-of-water really well and the special FXs are great (except for the red horse eyes). Skip Marvel’s Agent’s of Shield and check this out instead.
  • Masters of Sex- If you don’t have Showtime, then make sure to pick this up on Netflix in a few months. Despite having the clunkiest intro, this show is actually working for me. Although not as stylish as Mad Men, it is still a 60’s-set drama about the pioneers of sexual science. Plus, Josh and I have a drinking game that we play when we watch it… every time someone suggests doing anything sexual, but “in the name of science” take a drink. Actually, don’t… you won’t be conscious to see the end of the episode. The show had an uneven start, but Lizzy Caplan is great in everything.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine- This show is stoopid funny. You should watch it. Plus, Andre Brauer!
  • supremesAmerican Horror Story: Coven- I know this show isn’t new, but since it changes every season, I’m counting it. I am LOVING this season. Last season was kind of meh for me… but this season is dripping with awesomeness. Between this, Top Chef, and The Originals (which the jury is still out on that one) it makes me want to go back to New Orleans something fierce.

So… what are YOU listening to/reading/watching? Let us know if there is something out there that we are missing… or if you just want to talk about Nashville, I’ll do that too! 🙂




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  1. So, has Villette helped you sleep?

    I’ve been reading cheap self-published zombie fiction on Kindle. In order of descending awesomeness, The Mountain and the City (complete saga), The Remaining (4 parts, so far), and Rot & Ruin pt. 1 (part 1 of Rot & Ruin was cheap but subsequent books are more pricey, and I’ll probably be skipping them.) I read a great memoir by a child of a hoarder called Coming Clean that you might find interesting (the author has a health and fitness blog, http://thekimchallenge.com/). Also working my way through Psycho USA, Harold Schechter’s latest compendium on unsung American serial killers. So there’s a nice round-up of relaxing bed-time reading for you.

    I’m watching Supernatural this season but it’s starting to feel pretty played out. Ditto with the 3rd season of Boardwalk Empire I’ve been watching via Netflix. Walking Dead is off to a so-so start for this season also. Meh. When is Hoarders starting up again? or Justified?

    • Villette has helped me sleep in that it is so un-exciting that I can put it down when I get sleepy with no compunction. Coming Clean sounds great, as does Psycho USA!

      This current season of Boardwalk Empire is actually much better than some previous ones, so I’d suggest sticking with it and enjoying it for the superior costuming and set design. Have you seen “Call the Midwife”? GREAT show on Netflix. And I hate to be the bearer of awful news… but Hoarders was cancelled. I swear we talked about this… maybe I was just in denial.

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