Healthy Spaghetti, A New Take on an Oldie

Healthy "Spaghetti"


  • quinoa cooked with stock
  • 1 lb ground meat I used 93/7 beef
  • 1/3 cup onion
  • 1/3 cup green pepper
  • 1 container spaghetti sauce


  • Cook quinoa according to package instructions substituting broth for the water.
  • Chop onion and green pepper. Add to meat and brown in skillet on oven.
  • Add spaghetti sauce and quinoa. Mix. Or pour sauce over quinoa.

I would say it is a safe bet that most Americans have had spaghetti at one time or another. Additionally, I would bet that even those who are the most challenged in the kitchen can pull off spaghetti. I grew up eating spaghetti pretty regularly. It’s good, it’s easy, it’s fast, it’s a crowd-pleaser- what you might call a homerun on lots of levels.

I have really stretched the boundaries of spaghetti. It’s kinda forgiving that way. I have hidden squash and zucchini in it. I have added broccoli to it. I have eaten it with all sorts of pasta- that which you twist around your fork and that which you stab with your fork- any which one, I’m a fan. And I was, up until most recently, generally satisfied with my definitions. Bub, however, finally did ask me to leave the random veggies out of the sauce. I guess I didn’t hide them well enough and even though it is good, I agreed.

I am trying to hang in there with Leigh and her march through 88 days¬†and although those jeans fit, I would like them to be wearable in public… so, I am trying to make good food choices and carb intake on spaghetti is a little higher than I’d like. But, I really wanted some spaghetti! A friend of mine had made meatloaf with quinoa- so, why not spaghetti with quinoa instead of pasta? I mean, why not?

We eat a bunch of quinoa around here. We have regular quinoa, heirloom quinoa, and red quinoa- so, I have learned that much like rice, quinoa is better tasting cooked in stock. So I cooked the quinoa according to package directions in chicken stock. I used half regular quinoa and half heirloom quinoa.

While that was happening, I browned my hamburger meat.


I use 93/7 ground beef. There is very little grease to deal with- so, I chop and cook about 1/3 cup of both onion and green bell pepper with the meat that I am browning for spaghetti. This is what I have come to know about spaghetti sauce- if you are not going to make your own sauce and you decide to use a store-bought variety— use a nicer one with the least amount of salt and sugar- it’s worth the extra dollar or two. Seriously.

About the time I got the meat browned and sauce added, my quinoa was ready. I just dumped it into the spaghetti sauce.

mixAt this point, there was no turning back! My Moma was here while I was cooking. She kept asking questions like “You think it’s going to be good?” and “Have you ever done this before?” I just kept assuring her that it was gonna be fine- and ohmigoodness! It was amazingly good! Healthy Spaghetti at its finest!

Healthy SpaghettiWhen we were¬†eating it, Moma kept saying “This is sooo good!” And all day today she has been tossing out ideas of other recipes that certain components could be substituted for quinoa. I do believe I finally have a quinoa believer! Win.


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