Music to Our Ears: Fools for April


Our April Playlist is a fun one this month! Spring is in the air and in our steps. We introduced our April playlist a little later this month than we wanted to, but we wanted to use it to segue way into another new feature we’re introducing on the blog: Special Weekend Guest DJ’s! If you are putzing around this weekend and looking for a good soundtrack, check out the one Sawyer Saliba did for us! Who is Sawyer? She’s Coralie’s super-cool 23-year-old sister. She will be posting Saturday morning (YES! A SATURDAY POST!) on her song selections and you can find her playlist tomorrow under the Twitter feed in the sidebar! I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to hear what the kids are listening to this weekend! But until then, here is our April Playlist explanation!

~letters to the right of the artist indicate individual authors choice: (C) for Coralie, (L) for Leigh.

  1. Gotta Get Up/ Harry Nilsson: (L) I, recently, watched the GREAT documentary “Who Is Harry Nilsson and Why Is Everybody Talking About Him.” It’s on Netflix Instant Streaming. An amazing musician who touched a lot of my favorite artists. Often the saddest stories make the most beautiful music.
  2. Ho Hey/ The Lumineers: (C) I dunno, I just like this song- it’s catchy. “I belong with you- you belong with me”
  3. Stroke Me- Explicit Version/ Mickey Avalon: (C) I LOVE MICKY AVALON. I think he is very snide- very clever- incredibly vulgar. I just love him. “It’s as easy as 1-2-3”
  4. Are You Lonely For Me, Baby/ Al Green: (L) Al holds a special place in my heart as he was my very first concert and part of the soundtrack of my family. We have a 24″x36″ framed picture of him killing it in Atlanta hung in my family’s basement. This song is just classic Al.
  5. If I Didn’t Know Better/ Sam Palladio- Nashville Cast: (L) Are you watching this show? You should be. Lots of dram-uh and amazing music. Plus… Tami Taylor, herself, y’all!
  6. Just Can’t Get Enough/ Depeche Mode: (L) I listened to and liked Depeche Mode’s new album… but it just made me REALLY want to listen to their classic stuff. The keyboard line in this song pretty much runs on repeat in my brain… especially when I’m trying to sleep.
  7. Blue Ocean Floor/ Justin Timberlake: (L) And, OF COURSE, Coralie and I BOTH have a JT song on our list. This closes an awesome album and I think is lovely.
  8. Tweezer/ Phish: (C) Okay, I have always appreciated Phish however, I always believed that Trey was a diva and a junkie. And then I met and married Bub. Bub is a DEVOTED Phish fan- has seen them live somewhere around 60 times- so, I listen to a lot of Phish because he listens to mostly Phish. Annnnd then what do you know, Trey cleaned up and Phish came out of sabbatical- and Bub drug me to a show- and I’ll be damned- they sounded great! And the songs weren’t 45 minute meanderings of mindless jam- rather, 10 or less minutes of tight and clean and talented musical display. I picked Tweezer this month b/c Monday is Bub’s 40th birthday- “Look who’s in the Freezer- Uncle Ebeneezer- seize her with a tweezer.”
  9. A Good Year For The Roses/ George Jones: (L) This song just HURTS your heart. And by the time he gets to the verse about the baby crying down the hall, I’m all, “you’ve gone TOO FAR, George.” Killer.
  10. Mowin’ Down The Roses/ Jamey Johnson: (L)… AND… this is Jamey Johnson’s response to the above song. Awesome.
  11. I Wanna Be Your Lover/ Prince: (L) What ISN’T Prince good for? Prince has helped me work, work-out, work out issues, and have spontaneous dance parties to maintain sanity.
  12. Sittin’ Here In Limbo/ David Grisman, Jerry Garcia: (C) “Sitting here in limbo, waiting for the dice to roll. Sitting her in limbo got some time to search my soul.”
  13. A.D.I.D.A.S./ Killer Mike, feat. Big Boi: (C) Just listen to the words- it explains it all.
  14. Numb/ Gary Clark, Jr.: (L) We subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and they recommended him… He’s like a blues-ier Lenny Kravitz. You can tell Hendrix and 60’s soul also had a HUGE impact on him.
  15. Mercy/ Widespread Panic: (C) The studio version of this song was recorded rrreeeeaaaaalllll slow. But, I prefer it fast- and you’ll only get a fast Mercy live. “My eyes won’t pretend I didn’t know you were close- I could smell your breath through the freshly painted door…” It was like John Bell had my attention at hello.
  16. Is This Love/ Corinne Bailey Rae: (L) Just a sweet, little cover of a classic song.
  17. I Will Wait/ Mumford & Sons: (C) No, I’m not a huge fan of Mumford and Sons- but, I like this song- it’s catchy.
  18. Moondance/ Van Morrison: (C) Tell me, when is it not a marvelous night for a moondance?
  19. Mirrors/ Justin Timberlake: (C) I just love him. I just respect him as a musician. I love this turn he has taken with this new album. I love that although he is not reinventing himself he is not doing something he as already done.
  20. Shady Grove/ David Grisman, Jerry Garcia: (C) I love this song. I always have. Every word of it.
  21. Tighten Up/ Archie Bell & The Drells: (L) And just like the Depeche Mode keyboard line runs through my head, there is a not so small chance that if you ever see me out in the wild walking, the rhythm- guitar line is the soundtrack in my brain.
  22. I’ll Fly Away/ Gillian Welch, Alison Krauss: (C) For the Sweet Remembrance of Mrs. Beth Jordan.

And remember to check back on Saturday for our Guest DJ!!! Do you want to DJ? Let us know if you are interested! And as always, let us know what YOU are listening to right now? Have a great weekend!



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