Music to Our Ears: Our March Playlist and an Explanation

You may have noticed a Spotify playlist to the left in the sidebar. During the initial planning phase of this blog, we both agreed that we wanted music to be as integral a part of the blog as it is in our lives. Music is the language of the soul and we both share a deep love and appreciation for it in all its different forms. In fact, upon meeting, it was one of the things that bonded us.

We have been making mixed music lists together for as long as we have been friends. In high school, the lists manifested onto blank tapes*. Then in college it became CDs. It was never uncommon for a mixed tape/CD to show up in the mail out of the blue in either of our mailboxes sent from the other one.

Oftentimes, we would also include a ‘why we picked these songs for you’ list with the tape/CD. So, it only seemed right to include one here, as well. We hope you enjoy what we have picked for you this month. Happy Listening!

~letters to the right of the artist indicate individual authors choice: (C) for Coralie, (L) for Leigh.

  1. The Sails of Charon/ Scorpions: (L) My younger brother shared this one with me. He is big into the guitar and while this was playing, he told me, “Classic Shredder”. I had only ever heard “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” so it was nice to hear a decent Stairway imitation.
  2. Looking for a Fox/ Clarence Carter: (L) Who DOESN’T like Clarence Carter? This song is on my dishwashing mix right now. Always gets me toe-tappin’. (C) I love this one too!
  3. Hold On/ Alabama Shakes: (C) Alabama Shakes are my new favorite. They just get down and I can appreciate that.
  4. I’m Depending on You/ Otis Redding: (C) Otis is one of my favorites. You will likely see him on many of our future playlists. This is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg.
  5. Girl on Fire/ Alicia Keys: (C) I just like this song. It gets stuck in my head (especially after that commercial airs).
  6. Psychotic Girl/ The Black Keys: (C) “Oh no, just a psychotic girl/ And I won’t get lost in your world” Seems like we all know or have known someone like this.
  7. Scream & Shout/ & Britney Spears: (L) Periodically, I will see what the kids are listening to and check out the Top 100 playlists. Not a big fan… but I will support britbrit 4 life. Plus, find parts of this song going through my head all the time. (C) That’s called an earworm- when a song gets stuck in your head.
  8. Suit & Tie/ Justin Timberlake: (L) I am really excited about this album… and let’s just all agree that JT totally nailed his performance of this on SNL.
  9. I Love It feat. Charli XCX/ Icona Pop: (L) This song is used during the opening credits of Snooki & JWoww on MTV, which is how I knew it. But when I heard the full version on Spotify, I forgave them.
  10. Titanium feat. Sia/ David Guetta: (L) When I was judging the Miss Echo Pageant last month, one of the contestants did a version of this song. I had never heard it before and went home and sought it out. The message is cheesy… but super true.
  11. Radioactive/ Imagine Dragons: (L) Like Coralie’s “Girl on Fire” pick, I’m pretty sure this song is on a commercial… but I like it anyway.
  12. Bam Bam/ Sister Nancy: (L) I defy you to not like this song.
  13. Goodbye Crazy City/ Big Harp: (L) Found this on the “Girls” playlist on Spotify and really liked it. It’s folksy and smart!
  14. After Today/ David Bowie: (L) I am addicted to Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” album. Super classic.
  15. Distant Fingers/ Patti Smith Group: (L) I had loved all the standard Patti Smith songs I knew so my friend Sheila loaned me her collection of albums. Pretty. Awesome. Wild. Stuff.
  16. Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out/ Mayer Hawthorne: (L) I have a super-duper love for old skool R&B and soul… and I like that Mayer Hawthorne is clearly paying homage to that style.
  17. Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked/ Cage the Elephant: (C) “There ain’t no rest for the wicked/ Money don’t grow on trees… Ain’t nothing in this world for free” Yup.
  18. Personal Jesus/ Johnny Cash: (C) I just have to get this out there: I love cover songs. And I especially love it when a really famous singer or group covers another band’s song. Never would you expect Johnny Cash to cover a Depeche Mode song- but, I really like it.
  19. A Little Less Conversation/ Elvis Presley: (C) Thank you Elvis for putting it so sustinctly.
  20. Cake Walk into Town/ Taj Mahal: (C) “Throw your big leg over me Moma, I might not feel this good again.” Well, since you put it that way- I believe I’ll go ahead and throw a leg up!
  21. The Sinister Mister/ Bela Fleck and the Flecktones: (C) An oldie but a goodie.
  22. There’s a Break in The Road/ Susan Tedeschi: (C) Susan just gets after it and certainly deserves a place on our very first playlist for this blog.
  23. Let’s Get Lifted/ John Legend: (C) I love John Legend. He’s got the smoothest voice.
  24. The Problem/ J.J. Cale: (C) J.J. Cale is the man. He has lots of famous fans as well. Lots of famous people have covered his songs: Eric Clapton, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Widespread Panic to name a few.

We are always on the lookout for recommendations! What are you listening to right now?


**The Mixed Tape That Started it All- “Paco Live at the BBC”- Autumn, 1995.



    • No. I’m so lame. I haven’t seen Les Mis or The Hobbit either… so glad I saw Lincoln on the big screen. 😉

      Why? Are all our playlist songs in it?

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