Sweet Summertime Music: Mayer Hawthorne

Behold! The world’s greatest incentive to drink Hennessey!

As music is so much a part of our lives, we strive to also reflect that on the blog. Technology, unfortunately and so frequently, trumps good intentions. Our frequent readers will know that we’ve been using the music streaming service Spotify from the get-go of the blog. Coralie and I each have separate problems with the service and have decided to explore other options in order to better integrate music into our blog. So, bare with us as we work out the kinks. This month we are trying out the youtube platform. Since we’re deviating from form, as Coralie also mentioned yesterday, instead of doing a Summertime mixed playlist we should recommend a good album or artist for our readers. Lord knows we love mixed playlists Mayer_Hawthorne(especially after our friend Becki shared the science and artistry of assembling a perfect mix)  but no one can deny the awesome power of a fully-formed album. Some classic albums have dense orchestrations and take much concentration, but for an album to qualify as a Summertime Album, it has to be, the unquantifiable “fun.” This album/artist, to me is fun (and pretty dreamy, too). If you haven’t heard of him, Mayer Hawthorne is singer/songwriter with a deep appreciation for a myriad of awesome song styles- particularly the Motown/soul sound of Detroit/Michigan roots. I am really enjoying his latest album, which I’ll talk about below, but I wanted to recommend his second album (“How Do You Do”) as a summertime staple. Below is the complete album compiled into a handy youtube playlist:

“How Do You Do” is a largely a throwback to the 60’s/70’s sound. His latest album, “Where Does This Door Go” goes one step further: from soul to a song that sounds like a missing Michael McDonald track- in the best way possible. There are two tracks on the album not represented on the playlist. They haven’t been uploaded to youtube yet… But, if you like the sound of this album then you should definitely check it out. Both albums are available at FTTDWYW the STORE! Since two tracks were missing from this album playlist, I’ve included two other Mayer Hawthorne songs in this post not on either of the included albums.

He is currently touring, so if you dig him, you can totally go see him! He’s playing Atlanta’s Music Midtown in September, be-tee-dubs. Both my awesome brother (who introduced me to Mayer- I wish in person) and my pal Chiarita have seen him live and say he puts on a good show!

So, next time you are in need of a good album this summer, look no further!

Have you heard of Mayer Hawthorne? Are you a fan? As always, let us know!



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