Remember? On Monday? When we said we’d have a big announcement on Wednesday? But, now it’s Thursday? We’re throwing back this Thursday to introduce a feature we talked about way back on Monday! Just go with it. Blog-revamps, much like time and tides, wait for no man.

For those of you astute enough to notice the large graphic at the top of the post (and the post title, for that matter), you may have guessed our new feature. What’s that you say? Hashtag Way Back Wednesday? #WBW? What does that even meeeaaaaan?! Now that we have accrued quite the back catalog, one of our goals for this year was to go back and clean all of them. Not like with Lysol– but to go back and correct the typos as well as add any extra caveats/addendums/notes/ updates or pertinent info that has come to the surface since being originally published. In fact, we have created a 30+ item checklist to ensure our catalog is squeaky clean going forward this time next year. As we have already begun this process- we have come to realize that both our writing styles have evolved! And we have come to see that we organically created and wove several themes throughout our catalog- hello, t-shirt mods, crock pot recipes and book recommendations to name three. We have challenged ourselves to revisit our entire back catalog in a year and wanted to document it. As the hashtag name announces, you can look for these cleaned up posts to surface on Wednesdays starting next week.

And remember when we used to do playlists and playlist explanations? Way back when… To celebrate the introduction of a new feature on the blog, we thought we would inaugurate it with our newest playlist and explanation. Also, you may have noticed that we have switched music sharing platforms over from Spotify to YouTube. We made the executive decision mainly because YouTube is equal opportunity in that it doesn’t require a subscription or special app to use. That way everyone can listen to our playlists! Enough with the business talk- let’s get this new playlist party started!

Fun Things The Blog Spring Playlist 2015

1. (Coralie)- Time to Move On/ Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: “Under my feet, the grass is growing/ Time to move on, time to get going” This song always surfaces in my life when I start making changes.

2. (Leigh)- Do It/ Mayer Hawthorne: Mr. Hawthorne’s got a new album out and it’s good, y’all. Plus, this video is pretty soul-affirming.

3.  (Coralie)- I Can’t Go For That/ Nicki Bluhm & the Gamblers: Love this cover- this band is just driving around in their van- and she’s just singing. Love it. My dear friend Lori shared this with me summer before last. (Leigh)- Ha. My friend Dave shared this with me years ago. I’ve always been a big Hall and Oates fan, they cover this song ALL the time on Live from Daryl’s House. Remember my post on Live from Daryl’s House? Both Cee-Lo and Mayer Hawthorne covered that song.

4. (Leigh)- Boogie Nights/Heatwave: This song has about a million plays on iTunes and it still never gets old. This video, on the other hand is pretty crazy. Almost unreal. Turbans? Orwellian observing platforms. I always assumed they were American, but they were British. Apparently, the white keyboardist of Heatwave was the writer of all their songs. Me thinks this band would make an excellent Vh1 Behind The Music. Their history, according to Wikipedia is pretty juicy. Grooveline? Always and Forever? Classics songs.

5. (Coralie)- Talk Dirty/ Jason Derulo: I saw this dude perform this song on Dancing with the Stars last season and thought it was catchy. I have since found it in my Amazon Prime music and have been jammin’ to it. It’s just got a catchy beat. (Leigh)- Coralie, if you like this, check out SNL’s spot-on parody of this called “Dongs All Over the World“.

6. (Leigh)- Fall In Love/Phantogram: I love the lushness and atmosphere of this song… right down to the Psycho stabbing noises… and I mean that in the best way!

7. (Coralie)- We Can’t Stop/ Miley, Jimmy Fallon & the Roots: Okay, I like Miley’s music- I do. I also think she is an early 20 something train wreck- but, she is far from the first or last celebrity that is bat shit crazy- that doesn’t mean that her music is crap- she can certainly pick a hit. And I love this version with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots- love those guys.

8. (Leigh)- Wrong Way/ Sublime: There are times in my life where I listen to popular radio more than others. And, as such, I’m always surprised to find songs that I somehow missed. Such is the case with this song. I didn’t have this CD (though it seemed everybody did) but I remember Santaria, Caress Me Down, Smoke Two Joints, and What I Got, but somehow this Sublime song missed me. Until now. But, it makes me bop, so it goes on the playlist.

9. (Coralie)- Suspicious Minds/ Elvis: No playlist is complete without Precious Darling.

10. (Coralie)- The Wire/ HAIM: These girls are BFF with Taylor Swift and are her opening act on tour- oh, and they are one of TJ’s favorite bands too. 🙂 (Leigh)- I like that it uses the riff/beat from The Eagle’s, “Heartache Tonight”. I also remember listening to it at our weekend at TJ’s. Has it been a year already?! 🙂

11. (Coralie)- Nicotine and Gravy/ Beck: Now, I love this song- it’s in my top 5. My dear, dear friend TJ- introduced me to Beck- this song and the album from which it came- Midnight Vultures. TJ’s nick name is Gravy so he has always been particularly fond of this song. “I’ll be your chauffeur on a midnight ride.” I’ve always love that line.

12. (Leigh)- One Piece At A Time/ Johnny Cash: This one is a good palette cleanser.

13. (Coralie)- If you Want Me to Stay/ Sly & the Family Stone: I love this song- it’s one of my all-time favorites.

14. (Leigh)- Promises, Promises/Naked Eyes: This is another one I missed in my musical upbringing, but I caught it on a late-night LA radio station and lord knows I love a sensitive 80’s synth jam.

15. (Coralie)- Obvious Child/ Paul Simon: An old friend of mine used to play this song- and now, I use it as my hashtag for Baby Bub on Instagram #obviouschild I mean, “Why deny the obvious child?”

16. (Leigh)- Thin Line Between Love and Hate/The Persuaders: Love the drama in this song. Some pretty classic lines in there, “did you eat yet?” Plus, the band’s name is The Persuaders. Which, is pretty great and suspicious. It’s better though than “The Intruders” no matter how classic their song, “Cowboys to Girls“.

17. (Coralie)- Caravan/ Van Morrison: Love. (Leigh)- Van’s the man! Plus, The Last Waltz is the MOST epic.

18. (Leigh)- I’m a Ram/Al Green: After my brother played Love and Happiness at The Georgia Theater, I’ve been listening to some deep cut Al Green. This song is great and peep the album art. Such lapels. What cuff. Curls. Al Green Gets Next to You, indeed?!

19. (Leigh)- Whiskey Sunsets/Moon Taxi: This is apparently what all the cool kids are listening to, though, according to my brother, I’m a dinosaur already… so, what do I know? I liked the album though, for what it’s worth.

20. (Coralie)- Blurred Lines/ Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell & T.I.: Yep, I just had to add this song- in light of the recent trial between these guys and the Gaye family. This song has stirred up all kinds of controversy- and this article does a great job of summing up exactly why this verdict is not awesome. At the end of the day- I like this song and have liked it since it came out- I do think the video is ridiculous! And I also think Robin Thicke and his pill habit is ridiculous- and I do think Pharrell is one of the best music producers and artists of our generation. That’s all.

21. (Coralie)- Cassidy/ Grateful Dead: I did this as a tribute for the upcoming 50th anniversary concert over the 4th of July in Chicago- apparently that was the last place that Jerry played with the band before he died- so, the remaining band members are doing a 3 day run over the Fourth of July as a 50 year celebration and they are saying it’s going to be their final show- ever. And- they have asked Trey Anastatio to sit in with them- he’s the lead singer of Phish- and that’s a just a whole nother can  of worms that I don’t care to explore. But, Cassidy is in my top 3 favorite Grateful Dead songs- “Wheel to the storm and fly.”

22. (Leigh)- Who’s Lovin You/ Jackson 5: Say what you will, but that kid (no matter how sadly he turned out) could sing. There is something about the chord at the word, “who” in this song that gets me every time. (“When I wonder… who’s loving you.) Any music nerds know why?

23. (Coralie)- Angel from Montgomery/Sugaree/ Susan Tedeschi: This woman is a complete bad ass. She is married to Derek Trucks of Allman Brother guitar prodigy fame- but, after seeing them live, I am here to tell you- she has no problem what so ever keeping up with Derek.

24. (Leigh)- Free For All/ Ted Nugent: I never really took Ted Nugent seriously due to his later-in-life antics. And, who writes a song named, “Cat Scratch Fever.” But, we were watching the Foo Fighters latest biopic venture Sonic Highways on HBO. They were in Washington D.C. that week and one of the guys they were interviewing was going on and on about how awesome Ted Nugent was, so, I checked it out. I like dirty seventies rock and this is pretty stanky.

25. (Coralie)- Stay With Me/ Sam Smith & Mary J. Blige: Sam Smith has the voice of a song bird- and this version of this song with Mary J.- it’s awesome.

26. (Coralie)- It’s the Same Ol’ Song/ Four Tops: My parents, separately are huge Four Tops fans- grew up listening to the Four Tops.

27. (Leigh): Earned It/ TheWeeknd: Uggh. I didn’t want to like any song from the 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack, but I kept hearing this song in my car or on my shower radio and after the second time I Shazzam’d it, I knew I was busted.

28. (Coralie)- It Ain’t All Flowers/ Sturgill Simpson: I love me some Sturgill Simpson– and I love this song- “Getting to the bottom of the bottom getting to me.”

29. (Leigh)- Address Unknown/ The Ink Spots: My dad is a lover of The Ink Spots and passed that love onto me. They used this song for the opening of the new series Better Call Saul (worth your time), so I was glad to know that the Ink Spots were still in the rotation. Plus, I like how almost every single one of their songs follows the same format.

30. (Leigh)- Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money In My Hand/ Primitive Radio Gods: Some killer sampling, right here.

31. (Coralie)- Black Ice/ Goodie Mob ft. Outkast: I have been a Cee-lo fan from way back- way back to his Goodie Mob days- he’s mixed with my favorite band, Outkast since way back in the day- “Touched what I’ve never touched before, seen what I’ve never seen before- woke up and seen the sky high- sky high.”

32. (Leigh)- Rumble N Sway/ Jamie N Commons: I feel like I first heard this song on a commercial and was amazed to find that it was a really young white kid. Love a good throwback swing.

33. (Coralie)- The Sinister Mister/ Bela Fleck and the Flectones: Bela Fleck and the Flectones— electric bluegrass?!! Bad Ass. And Victor Wooten- the bassist- bad ass. People think the singer and lead guitar drive a band- not true- the bassist drives, your bassist sucks- your band sucks. But, the Flectones don’t have this problem.

34. (Leigh)- Feel Right (Live on SNL)/Mark Ronson ft. Mystikal: When Mark Ronson (with Bruno Mars and Mystikal) musical guested SNL back in November, I turned to Jojo and predicted that Uptown Funk was going blow up. I was right. And I’m alright with it. I like just about anything inspired by James Brown. This video (and the corresponding SNL performance of Uptown Funk) are examples of live performances capturing something a static track can’t. Awesome showmanship all around. I wanted too really like Mark Ronson’s full album, but the other tracks/collaborations weren’t nearly as awesome as these two, with some exceptions.

35. (Leigh)- I’ve Got To Use My Imagination/Bobby Bland: Not a bad note on which to finish the playlist. Though his signature snort is missing, I like that this is from “His California Album”.


That’s it! Did we nail some of YOUR jams? Are you feeling what we’re laying down? Can we use any more lame jargon? As always, let us know in the comments!



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