The Blogaversary Continues! Year Two Flops!

year two flops

When we had our meeting to discuss what we wanted to do to celebrate our 2 year blogaversary the easiest decision was deciding to once again share our favorites and flops from the past year. After all, looking back and seeing the ground that has been covered in the last year is pretty therapeutic. Plus

When we each sat down to make our lists of favorites and flops, our favorites shown like the gems that they are– but there were not nearly as many flops as the year before. Part of that is that we adjusted the frequency we were posting and the chaff we posted (just for posting’s sake) dwindled significantly. The other part, in the lack of flops, is that we have developed and evolved as bloggers and the content we publish is better for it.


Even though our list of flops is much shorter this year, we do still have a couple we’d like to share that are less than perfect. Just like always, our individual picks are marked by our name. So without further ado- in no particular order, let’s get this show on the road!

uhhhh6. (Coralie) : Do you remember last Spring a cute little project I did re-using my old back door mat? Remember, I glued a bunch of river rocks to it? And I even alluded to the fact that the rocks did not stay glued to the mat. Yeah, well- even after I went back with hot glue- they still would not stay attached. And within a week of making and posting about this mat, Bub threw the whole thing away. I loved how the mat turned out but I just picked the wrong glue- twice… oops.

pudding title finish5. (Leigh) : Like Coralie’s thrown-out door mat, it feels like sometimes, even after a post has been written, the story still evolves. Such is the case for my Paleo/Clean Chocolate Avocado Pudding. Even after reworking this recipe (as mentioned in this post), even after the velvety texture, even after garnishing it with delicious coconut chips… the tupperware that I stored this in sat in the way back of my fridge for like a month– untouched. I just couldn’t get down with the brown. Even with the cocoa powder adding the brown color, I could still somehow sense the brown that comes over oxidized avocados. And just like brown-spotted bananas, for me, it ain’t happening. Plus, this post featured a picture of Bill Cosby pre-scandal blow-up.

in the pot4. (Coralie): Now, this is a grouping of posts that are not necessarily flops but are not necessarily my favorites either- all the damn crock pot recipes are kind of incessant. To be fair, I cook with my crock pot at least once a week- seriously. But, all the posts I have done with various crock pot recipes just kind of seem boring. Italian Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Chicken, Mexican Chicken, BBQ Porketc and etc…. I mean, come on! Enough with the crock pot! I did not realize how many crock pot recipes I had shared until I sat down to make my lists for these blogaversary posts- and the funny thing is I have a new one in the wings for you- but, I may wait a while to share it!

Pops-of-Plum-Styled-Shoot-Donut-Cake-0002-e14023437695353. (Leigh) : I always have a huge list of things I want to write about for the blog. And sometimes, I am en fuego and can sit down and crank out 700 words without batting an eye. And then there are times when the publishing deadline looms ever closer and the convergence of inspiration and energy never end up meeting. Not that my brief links to other notable things were bad– in fact, I still maintain that they are just as awesome, they just aren’t original content. See: Toby Toby and A Step Too Far? .

2. (Coralie): By far, the posts that I really see as flops this year were the ones that I bitched and moaned about my computer being broken. Yep, I was without a laptop for roughly 2 months- it made posting challenging to say the least. The posts that I published during that time were mainly organized by being able to fine pictures online and what deep thoughts I could come up with to explore- thank God my computer got fixed!

hallpass1. (Leigh): I think for me, this year, my least favorite posts are the ones that I missed out on writing. Does that make sense? Coralie and I instituted a Hall Pass system last year to accommodate those times when posting just isn’t the top priority. But, somewhere around October, life threw too many curveballs at both of us, and the Hall Pass system went out the window. There are times when it feels like Coralie and I don’t really have time to wait anything anymore. Life is always happening. But, when I look back on those times, I wish I had written something about it; to thoughtfully commemorate a turbulent moment in my life. Also, now that Coralie and I have modified our posting schedule, the list of items on my “cool post ideas” is growing faster than I’ll ever have time for. Which is good. What an embarrassment of riches?!

There it is! Our list of flops. Failures are what define us and help us grow. Here’s a toast to the flops– both on the blog, and in life. What do you think? Did we miss a particularly stinky post? As always, let us know!




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