Wardrobe Maintenance: Hanger Strap Lifehack

wardrobe maintenance hanger strap lifehack

I love clothing pieces that come with sewn-in hanger straps. It’s a small pleasure, but it makes life easier. Ain’t nobody got time for finding bunched-up clean clothes that have fallen on the closet floor off their hanger.  Although we already know the secret to making all your hangers non-slide-y, if your shirt already has hanger straps than it is a moot point. My only problem with hanger straps, though, are their tendency to find their way into my look. No matter how many times I would wrap them around my bra strap or push them back under my collar, they always seem to find their way back into view. Even if they are “invisible” (see below) they are still quite noticeable.

hanger straps plain

This past summer, I had purchased several cute tunics from the same store and they all had these “invisible” hanger straps. And, sure enough, every time I would wear one, the hanger straps would make themselves known. I complained of this to my sewing/life mentor Rachel and, of course, she had the answer and quick fix.

Cut roughly 24″ of thread off a spool and thread a standard sewing needle. Once needle is threaded, pull thread until half of it is through the needle, grab both ends, hold them as one, and tie a knot. You can see mine in the below right picture.

hanger strap stitch collageTurn garment inside out and grab seam where the strap is stitched on. You’ll notice that the strap is sewn in so that, of course, it would show when you are wearing the garment. Insert needle into interior edge of hem (being careful not to pierce through to the top/visible layer of the fabric). Bring needle up through fabric and base layer of hanger strap. Make sure to pierce the hanger strap in the middle to give it as much stability as possible. Fold strap back and over and tack down stitch back through interior fabric layer. Repeat process until you feel it is secure. Tie the two segments of thread together and clip excess neatly. I fear I have made it sound more complicated than it actually is. You are simply folding the strap back so that it faces towards your sleeves instead of towards your neck and tacking it down. Repeat process on other shoulder hanger strap and you’re done! When mending things, I normally collect all items that need mending and do it all at the same time. Par exemple, I sewed back the straps on all the tunics I had bought on that trip. But, that’s me. You do you.

no more hanger straps

Hey! Where’d those straps go? I’m not promising that your hanger straps won’t ever pop out of your neckline, but with this hack, it certainly happens less.

So, don’t rip those straps out in frustration!

hanger strap disappearing act

A few stitches is all it takes! What do you think? Have you ever ripped out those straps after fighting with them? Does picking up fallen clean clothes miff you as much as it does me? Do you know the secret to non-slip hangers? As always, let us know in the comments!


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