Technical Difficulties: Please Stand By as I Regroup & Punt!


You know. Sometimes. Well. Sometimes life takes off and it takes everything I have just to hang on. That’s how life has gotten for me. Today I had scheduled to to a goal check-up update and- my laptop has gone crazy. So, the goal check-up is gonna have to wait and in it’s place, I’ll get some other things off my chest.

First things first, yesterday was Leigh’s birthday! Yes, Leigh has officially been breathing air for 34 years. I am positive Leigh & my souls were cut from the same cloth. The way in which Leigh approaches life is incredibly precious. She has an joyous heart & a clever mind and it is my pleasure to count her when I start counting BFFs. Happy Birthday Love.

It was in texting Leigh last night at 2am, here, that she reminded me that my check-up post had published (we can start drafts to publish on time) with all 2 sentences. And it reminded me that my computer had gone haywire earlier. I was so frustrated with it that I had wanted to toss it in the yard like a frisbee. But. That would not solve my problem. So, I had set it aside & lost my window of opportunity to work on the blog when Baby Bub’s nap ended. And then I went to work & the next thing I knew it was 2am.

Leigh & I have been at this blogging for over a year. There have been points wherein I had a good rhythm but, these days- such is not the case. The only time I can get any real, focused work done is when Baby Bub is asleep. He is a good child but, he is in a constant state of discovery. So, I have to keep an eye on him. A year ago he was not even crawling. It was easier then to get some work done while he was awake. These days, not so much.

When my computer went on the fritz, it threw me for a loop. It only reiterates my need to get ahead. Last night on the way home, I saw a marquee that said “You can’t stop the waves but, you can learn to surf.” And I thought- that is the honest truth! So, I am trying to surf here.

Finally, today is May 5th. Cinco de Drinko… I mean, Cinco de Mayo! I hope you take the time to go have a margarita or two- go ahead & get a top shelf!

All the Best, Coralie!

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