To Every Woman in the World, Happy Mother’s Day

Yes, to every woman- Happy Mother’s Day. For a large majority of my life I was not interested in having children. However, it was a part of the deal when I married Bub & Baby Bub is the heart of my heart and soul of my soul. It was not until Baby Bub came into my life that I even began to understand parenthood.

I seriously, seriously under estimated what it took to be a mother. I had no idea the paralysis that worry can cause nor did I have any clue as to the amount of self discipline it takes to be a parent. Self discipline to constantly set and maintain the boundaries for my child. AND, being a parent is a daily lesson in being selfless- it is a lesson I often revisit multiple times a day.

And- I thought that being a stay-at-home-mom was the ultimate gig… And, it is but, it is NOTHING like what I thought it would be. To be clear, I bartend 3 nights a week, and I kick it with Baby Bub 4 days a week. So, maybe I am a part-time SAHM- but, regardless- it is nothing like what I thought it would be.

I thought I would finally be able to keep a clean house- the reality of that is laughable! I thought I would be able to keep all the clothes washed and folded AND put away- no where near reality. I thought I would be able to do all this, watch Baby Bub, do my share with this blog, run our AdvoCare business and bartend 3 nights a week- easy peasy. Um, yeah- it is a constant struggle to juggle it all.

And mothers who work outside the home 5 days a week… How in the world do y’all get it all done? To get yourself, your babies (big and small) together and ready for the day and to daycare/school/work- not to mention work all day then come home and do dinner/bath time/homework/bedtime. That is gold medal talk!

Maybe you are a mom to four-legged babies or maybe your babies call you Auntie or maybe you are a teacher, babysitter or a nanny- whatever, your role in children’s lives, Happy Mother’s Day! I hope this weekend you are appreciated not only by those you are rearing and by those helping you do the rearing but also by yourself. Cut yourself some slack- it’s Mother’s Day!


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