Plant-It Hollywood: An Update


Yep. That pretty much describes it. Even my succulents are looking pretty puny. Maybe it’s the light (or lack thereof) in my apartment. Or… maybe it’s just me. It’s probably me. My glorious first pass at multiple plant ownership was a fail. Though not completely. Here is where I stand:



Oliver Plant? Gone. He was the first to go. He lasted about two months. He was the plant that introduced me to the term “shattering.” For that is what he did. I tried moving him to different light areas but it didn’t seem to work and he sadly went the way of the dodo.





What about Captain? Also gone. He was a victim of over AND under watering. I suspect that is true for most of my plants. He lived in the craft room office until I thought that the lack of direct light was killing him and moved him outside to our porch where I am pretty sure the direct sunlight killed him. Although the leaves never recovered the stalks stayed green for about six months… until recently giving up the ghost.

calatheumcollageeditnewAnd Steve? Nope. Steve didn’t make it either. He was the second to go. In fact, it makes me sad to see how lovely he was knowing the sad state in which he ended.


Cate Planchett, Jr. is a maybe? Like Captain, she lived in the office. Like Captain, she also made the move out to our porch. Unlike Captain, though two stems continue to live despite my best attempts at neglecting them. 85% of the leaf on both stems have dried out, but, for whatever reason, I keep watering it and it keeps hanging on. I can’t imagine for much longer though.






See? How sad is this? Do I toss it? Is it save-able? This. This is why you don’t give plants names.





The lone survivor, however, is Robert Plant, Jr. Although he does not look as hale and hardy as he does in this picture. He stopped flowering after I got him a companion too late. But, he is still green and still kicking it with his buddy. For I did get him a friend. His friend also has stopped flowering. But, leave it to those peace lilies to take a licking (not literally) and keep on ticking (again, not literally).


So, where does this leave me? Am I destined to only have one-genus of plant from here on out? Hardly! I’ve actually found a couple of plants that have been with me for over 5 months and are still doing great! Along with peace lilies, the following plants get my “hard to kill” seal of approval:


If I were to still name plants, which I can’t, I would call this guy “Don Draper.” ‘Cause of the draping, you see. I threw away the plant tag and can’t remember it’s name. Horticulturists help a sister out! But, it’s done great. Maybe because I found the right light for it or maybe because it is a hardy breed, but this guy has been kicking it since before Christmas. Which around here makes it a lifer.



And then there is this guy. He is a Tradescantia pallida which is a species of spiderwort commonly known as “wandering jew.” Is that offensive? I can’t tell. But, I found him in the Lowes discount bin and thanks to Megan’s awesome suggestion to not overlook discounted/sad plants at the store, I bought him and brought him home and nursed him back to life. I pruned all the dead leaves and he’s been kicking it ever since.

aspeditAnd, finally there is this pretty fellow. He is an asparagus fern. And I love him. Which means that I am sure he will die. He was doing great until I left him with Josh (who is definitely not a plant person) for a week and a half with no watering. But, hopefully, he is bouncing back. I think he is, at least. Maybe having the actual specter of death next to him isn’t the best thing. Or is it?

That’s it. I’m due for a swing around the plant section. And Josh and I are still in talks about an herb garden- any recommendations for herbs that thrive in 3-hours of direct, intense sunlight and then nuffin’? But, it seems to me, that plant ownership is all trial and error. Or, lots of error on my side. Is it worth it? I love the greenery. But should I throw in the towel and go artificial? Or just give up my dream of green forever? Regardless, R.I.P. little plants. It wasn’t you. It was me.

What do you think? Any tips? Suggestions? As always, let us know!


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