My Green Magic Wand: Mosser Lee’s Soil Master


Fans of the blog will know by now that I have not a green thumb; despite wanting one so bad. My history with plants has been less than exemplary and I had almost given up hope. Until now. A scant $10 impulse purchase of Mosser Lee’s Soil Master has completely changed my plant game for the better.

This gizmo is an all-in-one moisture, light, and pH meter. You simple choose which quality you want to measure, flip to the appropriate switch, and insert the two metal probes into your soil. See it in action below! It requires no batteries, which means that it runs on magic… or, at least, as far as I’m concerned.


It really is just that simple. If your plant needs water, it will tell you. If it is fine, it will tell you that, as well… And, you guessed it, if it is too wet, it lets you know that, too! The Soil Master has single handedly given new life to plants that I had written off as lost causes and made newer purchases thrive as they should. Not surprisingly, proper watering can make all the difference. Plants that I was watering daily, it turns out, didn’t need it. Plants I was watering sporadically turned out to need it more. To many of you, caring for plants is an intuitive thing that comes easy. Not for me or The Jojo. The playing field has now been leveled. Proper watering has even allowed one of my peace lilies to begin flowering again… which I thought was completely out of the range of possibility, as mentioned in this earlier post.




And just look at my philodendron, Don Draper! He is growing at such an alarming rate that he has begun to knock over vases. Having never encountered such a problem, I am at a loss as what to do and have moved him to a higher perch until we have to trim him!

As much as I would like to tell you to purchase this through our Amazon store, they are unfortunately not currently carrying this miracle worker. You can find a Soil Master that tests only the pH levels… or ones that strictly test the moisture of your soil… but the all-in-ones are tougher to find. I found mine at Lowe’s home improvement store and, as mentioned above, purchased it without much faith in it’s claims. What a pleasant surprise! You can also purchase them through Mosser Lee’s website. The Soil Master is so easy my plants are even thriving under Jojo’s care! That is saying something as his thumb is blacker than mine!

Whether you are an avid gardener or just an occasional enthusiast, I totally recommend this gizmo. It is totally FTTDWYW approved! Before you throw in the towel and purchase artificial plants, give this a shot!

Are you the harbinger of death to plants? Have you ever had luck with a gardening implement? As always, let us know!



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