How to Make Fresh Summer Corn Last all Winter

Party people of the world, I am here to tell you that farm fresh corn is a wonderful thing. Seriously, it is truly delightful. I look forward to fresh corn every summer. I love it grilled, I love it boiled with shrimp, I love it microwaved… but, wait. Let me back up and explain a little.

The first summer Bub and I were married, I ran out and got a bushel of corn to put up. I was bouty-bouty. I went the whole ten yards- shuckin’, blanchin’, cuttin’ off the cob… it was a lot of work! I mean, I love corn but, the next year I was open to other, less labor-intensive putting up techniques!

So, my dear friend, Nan turned me on to a different way to put up corn and it is pretty easy. It requires very, very little shuckin’ and no blanching! All Nan does is cut off both ends of the ear of corn and then she puts 5-7 ears in a gallon zipper freezer bag and she puts it straight in the freezer. It dos not get much easier than that!

Cut Corn

frozen corn

Nan also taught me her simple way to cook corn. She pulls ears straight from the freezer and microwaves them for 3 minutes. For every ear she does, she multiples the cook time by 3 minutes. (2 ears= 6 miutes and so forth) When they are finished in the microwave, pull them out and let them cool a bit and then shuck them easy-peasy.

Using Nan ‘s tips, Bub and I enjoy summer corn all winter long. There is something so awesome about enjoying corn that is farm to table in January.

Fresh Corn

Do you have any tips for putting up Summer’s bounty of veggies? As alwsys, clue us in on your tips.

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