Steamed Shrimp and Bushwhackers- That’s What I Call a Weekend!

I have not hidden the fact that Bub and I work in a restaurant (we currently work in the same one) here on the beach. Because the busiest days for a restaurant are Friday through Sunday, those are not our off days. Our off-days fall in the middle of the week but regardless, we call them our weekend. So, I wanted to share what we got into this weekend.

Actually, Bub had an extra couple days off this week in order to rest and relax before the summer season officially kicks off down here. We tossed around several ideas but settled on going to see Bub’s mom and hanging out around her pool. Baby Bub was all about it, he loves hanging out at Pammie and Poppy’s (Bub’s Mom and Step Dad).

Weekend Started

Here you can plainly see that Baby Bub has thrown his hat down in an attempt to get the weekend started! He has lots and lots of room to roam, albeit backwards, in his walker underneath their home and they have a pool!

Two Fish

As you can see, we were getting some serious rest and relaxing done- but, Pammie had some tricks up her sleeve! She bought us some steamed shrimp, corn and potatoes- they were soooo good. (All last summer while I was pregnant, I would not touch any seafood- except oysters, which I did not like until I was pregnant- weird, I know.) This summer, I have been kinda trying to make up for the lost time last summer- so, steamed shrimp sounded awesome to me!


She ordered 4 pounds of steamed shrimp and as you can see, we did a pretty good job of cleaning them out! They were mighty delicious! And now…

CONFESSION TIME. I am married to a bushwhacker enthusiast and let’s be honest, I love them too! What is a bushwhacker you may be asking? It originates from Pensacola Beach Florida and is wildly popular down here on the Gulf Coast. It is a creamy, chocolate-y  adult beverage and it is mighty fine on a hot summer day. There is one key ingredient that splits bushwhackers into two categories. There are ice cream bushwhackers and there are slushy bushwhackers. Both are good but generally, you prefer one version over the other. I prefer ice cream and Bub prefers slush. Also, when you order one, you should be asked if you want a Bacardi 151 extra shot poured on top. I do not prefer the topper, Bub does.

So, you guessed it- we had bushwhackers for our treat after the shrimp. As I mentioned, there are two veins of bushwhackers and Bub and I each prefer different ones- so, when we make them at home they are half ice cream and have slush- which is how we both actually like them best. I must say that bushwhackers are very rich and I would not recommend you have more than one or two in one setting and I would also recommend you only treat yourself with one on special occasions (like weekends).

Star of the Show

I want to give you the official bushwhacker recipe and then I am going to give you some footnotes.

Recipe Type: Alcoholic Beverage
Cuisine: Coastal South
Ice Cream for Adults
  • 5 scoops of ice cream
  • 2 cups of ice
  • 3 oz of white rum
  • 3 oz of Kahlua
  • 2 oz White Cream de Cocoa
  • 2 oz of Pepe Lopez (found in a can in the drink mixers section at the grocery store)
  • chocolate syrup, for garnish
  • 3-4 oz of Bacardi 151, for toppers
  1. Combine all ingredients (except syrup & 151) in a blender until well blended. This recipe makes 3-4 servings. Garnish with chocolate syrup.

Now, I have some things to change about this recipe. This recipe as it is, is very good. However, sometimes Bub and I play around with it a bit. Instead of clear rum, we sometimes use spiced rum or whipped or vanilla vodka. And at home, we always sub Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum for the Bacardi 151 (I still don’t like the topper).

So, I hope our weekend and ideas of fun inspires you to find some fun for yourself this weekend- after all, it’s Memorial Day Weekend, the official start of summer!

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  1. PIRATES COVE WINS!!! Maybe this weekend I can try one of ya’lls! See ya Friday or Saturday at work I’m sure! Maybe you can come pool with us one afternoon?

  2. I remember few things about the day we had a boat day and I drank Four Lokos and got sunburned… but I do remember getting Bushwackers and sitting next to Cliff. What is slush, though?

    • That was a fun fun day! What we had that day were slushy ie icey bushwhackers. So, when Bub & I make them at home, we use ice cream & ice.

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