All My Eggs in One Basket: One and Done!

I think I have known, deep down, my whole life that I was destined to have one child- no more and no less. After Baby Bub made his appearance, I wholeheartedly understood why people would want more than one child. Children really are awesome. And with that token, being a parent is simultaneously the most rewarding and most difficult job I have ever undertaken. imageBub and I have discussed and discussed whether we should be finished with adding to the world’s population. Baby Bub is quickly approaching his 2nd birthday but I would want to wait at least another year to get pregnant. That would mean Bub would be over 60 when that baby graduated high school. I’m not saying Bub is too old to have more babies- he certainly is not- but, the reality is, the idea of being an older parent is daunting to him. And we have talked about how selfish we are being by not giving Baby Bub any siblings. We both have 2 sisters that are very precious to us but… We are very content being a family of 3. And we are very content with our quality of life. Content in that we are not thrilled by the idea of having to give up any of our creature comforts. Children are expensive! And we haven’t even gotten into the days of art lessons and sports! My dear friend turned next-door neighbor has five children. And she loves it. And I say more power to her! And it is fun being at their house with the kids buzzing around- there is always something happening and I love that. I am also cool with coming home with my one child. My BFF visited the first of May and all-but insisted that Bub and I have another baby. Listening to her try to convince us we need another baby, I came to the core of the reason of why I want to stay with one kiddie. They are hard! They are so hard and I have a good baby. Baby Bub already has 2 first cousins he adores, hopefully, one day he’ll have more. I hope that one day he will count all of Bub and my friends’ children as cousins too. When the discussion of another baby was put on the table, Bub very clearly said that he did not think he could handle me with another child. And I must say that A.) I do not think I could handle myself with more than one child and B.) I admire a man who knows his own boundaries. I think it is in all our best interest if we stay a family of 3. What are your thoughts on the right number of children to have? Do you think everybody needs a sibling? All the Best, Coralie

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  1. We have this conversation alot as well and I agree with both sides! ha I am currently reading a book called ” Selfish Reasons to Have more children” and its a whole other perspective on how many kids peeps should have and what to base that decision making process on. Its intriguing. I will let you know what I think when I am done! ha but daaaaang I hate being pregnant!

    • Laura, I see both sides too. I would love to hear the selfish reasons to have more children and what you think of the book. And I totally agree about being pregnant- it’s not awesome! -CA

  2. Way to go Coralie! You are living no one’s life but your own. I always wanted a sibling, but my hubs was an only child and never did (like so many only-child males that I know)!
    For a time, we thought we have no choice but to only have one and made our peace with it. And them, boom! we had a boy. We knew two was it though, either way, and we love our little world together. And as he outgrows baby stuff I am loving getting rid of some of it and the freedom of having that decision made. I can appreciate each little thing with each.

    • Marie, I think every couple should go with the number of children that is right for them. If 2 is your number- I’m cool with it. And I totally get why 2 is an awesome number of littlest- because, it is! And it is a wonderful thing to let some of the baby gear go once we’re done with it! It seems to take over the place! -Coralie
      PS, I’m looking forward to checking out your blog

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