DIY Star Costume for Baby Bub

Y’all. I don’t write very often about Baby Bub because I am no where near qualified to give parenting advice! However, there are some really awesome bloggers out in the blogasphere that blog about parenting that are so awesome- so relate-able and so on point. As always, Pinterest is a great platform to find these bloggers.

However, I had a parenting quandary and after trolling Pinterest and rewording my search over and over, I could not come up with a tutorial that I could do. I think I have gotten ahead of myself. First things first- Baby Bub started going to pre-school in the Fall. It was the best decision for everybody involved. Seriously. He started in a home daycare and ended up transferring to a parochial preschool. We love his school. We love his teachers and we love the director. Baby Bub currently goes 2 days a week but starting in the Fall, he will go 3 days a week.

I could wax and wan all day about why preschool is so awesome for us- but, that’s not what I want to do. I want to say, that Baby Bub’s preschool did a Christmas programs that was so precious and Baby Bub (along with his entire class) was a star. The school sent word home that the parents were responsible for creating the costumes. Okay, Baby Bub is my first (and only) child and this is my first time at bat on this costume business.

My neighbor, Alece– her youngest son is in Baby Bub’s class too. So, she had to do a star costume for him too. She texted me one morning saying she was going to Wal-Mart to get the stuff for her son’s costume- that afternoon she was texting me pictures of her little lovie in his absolutely fabulous star costume. Seriously. He looked like a million dollars!

So, I went back to trolling Pinterest- very little inspiration on the star costume front! I asked Alece is she minded me copying her idea. She gave me permission to copy-cat her. Now, I did not follow her idea to a T- she reinforced her costume with duct tape- I skipped that step. Also, she has amazing art skillz (she’s all-over awesome)- and although I am crafty, I am not artsy. But, I do think Baby Bub was a bright and shinning star- I am biased though.

I want to share this star costume idea- all you basically need are 2 thick poster boards, Christmas tree garland, scissors and hot glue and hot glue gun. Wal-Mart had this brilliantly sparkly thick poster boards and it was Christmas time so they had the garland as well. I just free-hand drew a star and well, it wasn’t perfect- I was okay with that. After Alece finished laughing at my stars, she said the way to draw a perfect star is to use a circle. Now, I know. 🙂

star cut outs

And then I just used my hot glue gun to hot glue the garland to the edge of both stars.


And when they were both outlined, I flipped them over and used garland to create 2 shoulder straps.

upside down stars

Now, there was a hat part of this costume but Baby Bub would have no part of it- I did find another model though.

hat model

And I have to say, that Baby Bub’s costume worked just great— considering he was not 100% on board with wearing it!

Star Costume


Have you entered the wonderful world of making costumes for school yet? Does your child(ren) like to dress up? What are some of your best costume ideas? As always, we want to hear about them.

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