Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail! Bringing Us Some Rockin’ Easter Eggs!

Maybe I mentioned it in the Valentine’s Day post but, I love holidays- all of them! I love decorating and making all the crafty stuff that goes along with them. Easter is no exception. As a child I got an Easter basket every year that I used to haul my Easter eggs that I found at the Easter egg hunt at my church (and the practice runs I insisted my parents and grandparents perform.)

Also, as a child, I got to dye Easter eggs. I loved it! And although I haven’t dyed eggs in several, several years I knew that one day I would revisit it with my own child. Okay, Baby Bub is 5 months old… but, I found a cool pin on Pinterest about dyeing eggs and using rubber bands. The Paas dying kit was less than $2 and rubber bands were less than that- so, I was down with trying my hand at Easter egg dying again.

I hard boiled 6 eggs (no need to go all out, Baby Bub is only 5 months old) and prepared my dyes according to the directions included on the kit (3 Tables of Vinegar + 1/2 cup of water + dye tablet). The instructions in the pin say to first dye the eggs without any rubber bands on them and let them dry.

First DunkSo, that is exactly what I did. After they were dry,┬áseriously┬ájust a couple minutes, I started putting rubber bands on them. I also tried to stay within the same colors families… the orange and pink and purple together… the blue and green and purple together.

Rubber Band EggsOn a couple of the eggs, I took off the rubber bands and then put them back on before I soaked them in a different color. On other eggs, I just layered on more rubber bands. On one egg, I just did this process once and even so, I thought it was cool. (See that pink and orange one- cool.)

All in all, they turned out fine. Did they turn out like the ones from the Pin? No where close. Are they still rockin’ Easter eggs- I’d have to say so. They are certainly cooler than just regular ole dyed Easter eggs!

Easter Egg Collage

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