Happy Love Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! I have had a lifelong love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. On one hand, I realize that it is a holiday totally marketed to our over-spending culture to spend some more money and… do we as a culture need a specified day to tell our loved ones we love them? But. I do looooove chocolate and to have a holiday driven by chocolate gifts- it is kind of a win.

And. Valentine’s Day eve is Bub and my first date anniversary. So, Valentine’s Day has taken on a new meaning for me. Yes, the girl that never had a Valentine’s date, now celebrates it as an anniversary. It works for us. Bub and I both really love chocolates- it’s one time a year that Bub and I unabashedly dig into a mass-marketed holiday that has no substantial religious content. But, generally a big box of chocolates does make an appearance in our house.

As you may, or may not remember, we send Valentines rather than Christmas cards.

a Valentine's 2014This year was no exception. Our Valentines are postcards- for a couple reasons. The first is because they cost less to mail. The second is there is less paper waste and third, it requires a hand-written note. We could for all practical purposes and with the same reasons send a Christmas card- but, in relation to Christmas cards that you receive, how many Valentines do you get in the mail- most likely, far fewer.

Whether you buy into Valentine’s Day or not. I hope you have a great day and seeing as how it is Friday- I hope you have a kickin’ weekend as well! (Bub and I had a lunch date sans Baby Bub to celebrate our anniversary earlier this week- we’ll both be at work tonight.)


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