Year Three Blogaversary: #alldaylong

Posts we use all day long.

Continuing with this year’s new take on our annual Blogaversary celebration- we have compiled a list of posts (we do love a list!) that surface in our personal lives on the regular. Ones we would recommend #alldaylong. Unlike the posts that we would rather forget about, these posts detailing recipes, DIY and/or craft projects, app recommendations, and just in-general topics are ones that we particularly love.


and on the other hand...

Thanks for Reading, LeighI’m always looking for the best: the best tasting, or most efficient thing. Which is why I know that the following posts are the real deal. Even after all this time, these are the things that I use on a regular basis and are firmly entrenched in my life.


Because of how much I talk about it, Josh always says things like, “you must love cleaning.” I hate cleaning. Turning Netted Produce bags into Dish Scrubbers.Which is why I am always on the search for the most efficient ways and tools to help me when I have to do it. Three years later, and I am still using the Surface Cleaner recipe I recommended, as well as the Laundry Stain Fighter formula I shared. I also still use my Unlikely Dishwashing Arsenal everyday- which now includes my Scrubbing Doubles homemade sponges and Kloud City scrubber.

As far as life tips go, I’m pretty happy with how well most of them have stood the test of time, but my favorites will still be reusing bedding bags (for everything) and using cling wrap to protect my toiletries toiletry explosionfrom exploding when traveling.


Recipe wise, my tastes are changing as I get older and I haven’t remade a lot of what is in the back catalog. I wouldn’t have written about it if it wasn’t successful, but as far as things that I use all the time? I am still (as Coralie says) bouty bouty Chia Seeds, my Chicken Avocado Salad, our Variations on the Salad, and Jojo’s Favorite Green Bean Almandine recipe. Seriously. If you haven’t made those green beans yet, do it.

I don’t take giving product recommendations lightly. If I recommend something to y’all it is going to be vetted. Here are my scratcheditfavorite recommendations from our back catalog that I still use all the time and endorse: Casper Mattresses, the Bear Claw Back Scratcher, Squatty Potties, and the Seville Classics Laundry Cart. And of course everything on our Health and Beauty expose list.

Although it only occurs once a year, I have gone back to my reminder post about Flip Flop safety every year when the temperature starts to rise. It is still relevant and let me take a moment now as it is (hopefully) getting warmer in your area to remind you to read it.

A reminder to not wear cheap flip flops.

I also stand by our more serious content. I’m actually quite proud of our heavier stuff. We are a lifestyle blog. And for us, that means more than just recipes and craft tutorials.  We’ve tackled depression, food-self-soothing, and have several important topics on the calendar for upcoming posts. I am a particular fan of Coralie’s think pieces. Although we share many traits, her perspective is so unique and, if nothing else, she’s always been able to make me laugh. It’s why we’ve been friends for 20 years and why we are doing this blog.


All the Best, Coralie

I find it particularly cute when Leigh and I poke fun at ourselves and let light shine in on the areas that we sometimes feel are better kept in the dark. But, I also love coming back to our favorites too. Every year when I start reviewing our catalog I am reminded of how awesome some of the stuff we blog about truly is!

I have not blogged a tremendous amount of recipes in the past year but there are some in the archives that remain in our monthly rotation if not our weekly rotation. The first being egg-in-the-hole. We do this breakfast fairly often. I mean, Tomato Gravyeggs fried in the center of a piece of toast- it’s perfect. And the newest take on it is to use fresh, fluffy French bread. And any time I have overnight guests, I make Moma’s breakfast casserole– you make it the night before and cook it while you drink your coffee. And Bam! A second recipe that shows up ever so often is Moma’s chocolate chess pie. Honestly, I cannot make this that often because it is so effing good that I will eat the entire pie. But, for Supper Club or when we have VIPs in town– I pull this pie out of my bag of tricks because I have never met someone who didn’t love it. AND. Y’all. Tomato Gravy. Even if you don’t like tomatoes (like Bub) this is a knock-out. I mean, I requested that Bub make this for me for my last birthday. It is best served over biscuits- like most any other gravies. And just to round out this portion of my recipe favs, sweet potato casserole, twice baked cauliflower, spinach smoothies and bushwackers… life would not be great without these in it.

Another grouping of posts that have stood the test of time are some of my (and Bub’s) DIY DIY Stamped Shower Curtainprojects. The bathroom updating has stood the test of time. The wall stamping, the light fixtures and the door handles have all held up great and I still find the paisley stamped shower curtain super chic.

My red front door– it still looks great! It was kinda like putting lipstick on my house- painting the front door made a world of difference. And speaking of paint, I am a chalk paint convert! I have done a second cabinet and have intentions of doing the cabinets at the condo before this chalk paint rampage is over!

And I cannot write about my favs without writing about some of the posts that Leigh has done. First, the games for your phone that Leigh recommends are just spot on. If you have not downloaded Another Case Solved, do. It is a great game- I am still looking for another game like it. I loved it. And 2048… it’s great too- in a mindless-math-numbers kind of way. And 10×10– if you ever played Tetris you owe it to yourself to check this game out. It’s great. Secondly, the Casper Bed– one of of Ride or Die Girls in Gulf Shores was shopping for a new mattress and I told her about this bed but she tactfully told me she wasn’t buying a mattress she couldn’t lay down on before she bought it. However, she and her husband did watch the promotional video on the Casper website and after traveling all over the county- they ended up with a knock-off Casper. They bought a knock-off only because they were desperate. She said, the next one- will absolutely be the name brand.

What you got in that Bag?

And, I have to say that thus far, I really do love writing posts with Leigh. I have always thought that our best posts are the ones that we write together. In some ways we can hold each other’s hands as we tackle some topics we find challenging to be transparent about- hello depression. And also, opinions balance each other- I am more likely to jump without looking- I like something because I like it. Leigh, on the other hand- she likes it because she likes it AND she’s done the research to support her opinion. I love that about her- she’s thoughtful and methodical that way. Case in point, our post about what’s in our purses. I like designer bags, she likes highly functional ones- but, we both have smaller bags in our big bag for organizational purposes. We balance each other. I look forward to reading the final draft of these joint posts that we write together- I love the stuff we write and edit and re-edit together.

and on the other hand...

What would you recommend #alldaylong? We would recommend our readers #alldaylong. Thanks for celebrating with us. Thanks again to our contributors and support “staff”. We cannot wait to see what year four has in store? Until, next time…

Thanks for reading,

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