A Public Service Announcement Regarding Flip-Flops

With most of my shoes in storage, I’ve relied heavily on a select few pair of shoes this summer. One of which have been my fluorescent-pink Old Navy flip-flops that matched my favorite toenail polish of the summer. I’ve flopped all around California in these shoes for months now and was starting to develop foot pain in my heel. IĀ heard some rumblings in the pastĀ about how flip-flops are the worst, but it wasn’t until Mary Carol posted a great article by The Huffington Post on her Facebook feed about how bad flip-flops really ARE for your feet. You guys… read this article/infographic: How Your Flip Flops Are Killing Your Feet. It will make you think twice about making your cheapo flops your go-to shoes for the summer.

If you don’t have time to read the article (which is quick and has a big graphic) then let me summarize what it’s saying:

Not only do flip-flops not protect your feet from falling items or stubbed toes, but they provide no support whatsoever for your arches, heel, or feet bones. Flip-flops are covered with nasty bacteria and make you overuse your toe muscles to grip. They make your feet more blister prone and completely change your gait setting you up for all kinds of problems down the road. The article recommends only wearing cheap flip-flops to and from the pool or for short strolls but discourages prolonged use. They also recommend replacing your cheap flip-flops every year. When you are buying flips-flops, try to bend them in the middle length-wise… if they bend easily then put them back. Your feet need more!


Since reading the article, I’ve transitioned over to my Keens sandals which are fantastic. Not only do they have a toe-guard, but they also have foot support. Are they fluorescent pink? No. But have my feet started to feel better? Most def.

Do you have a favorite pair of summer sandals? What is your summertime remedy for foot worries? Take care of your tootsies, y’all! They are the only pair you got! This concludes your PSA on sandals!

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  1. I love my OluKais and I am a strong proponent of Mephistos- both brand of sandals, though different, are awesome.

  2. Oooh- keens. I like those! I’m still being bad about wearing my flip flops on this long road trip because they are so much easier to put on when getting out of the car for a pit stop even though I did find some chacos on major sale….Thanks for this announcement!!!

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