Truth Be Told aka Throw Back Thursday Chapter 2

I explained two weeks ago when I did my first Throw Back Thursday that I was gonna need to throw back several times to cover the different chapters of my life. So, here I am with the second installment. This one is centered on my time at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.

Hawl Crawl

All of these photos are pictures of scrapbook pages. My freshman year it was real popular to have Hall Crawls- where each room on the hall would have a different alcoholic shot- these are some pics of the night my hall did a Crawl.

This is my best friend and Baby Bub’s Godmother, Bridgette Peters- this is where our friendship began- freshman year in the dorm.



This is my freshman year roommate and sorority sister, Kristin Rodgers. (We weren’t drinking and she wasn’t in our sorority letters.)


Eve's Bathroom



This is Eve Sonnier Smallwood, Bridgette Peters, Stephanie Webster Kirkpatrick and myself in Eve’s apartment bathroom- we would sometimes have private meetings in the bathroom.





Stephanie Webster Kirkpatrick, Kristi Joyner Travenner and myself the day Kristi graduated- I think we went to the Subway Lounge that night.


3 Snide Bitches


Stephanie, Bridgette and myself on the back porch of a fraternity house- 3 snide bitches- for sure.


Lil' Snide


Our very own Snide Junior- Ashley Gardner!






Ladies and Gentlemen, Samantha McKinnis Moore! She was fresh back from teaching ESL in China in this photo.



AJ Fantastic

William Blvd


This is Allen Johnson, Johnny Fowlkes and Chris Holly- AJ Fantastic and all that hair!




The four girls in the photo were a force to be reckoned with for a little while-

“Blow the horn, tap the tambourine.
Close the gap on the dark years in between.
You and me, Cassidy.” -GD


So, that was the second installment of Throw Back Thursday- my Millsaps life in 10 photos.

Signature 10



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  1. Hey! I’m Leigh’s friend. I am from Vicksburg, MS and lived in Jackson from 1997-2000. I loved it! I still eat at Keifers whenever I go home. And I LOVED the Subway, and how you could get beer next door and that you had to pay someone to watch your car so no one messed with it. But I was more of a Martin’s girl. And Fenians. GOOD TIMES. Anyways, yay for Jackson!

    • Erica, I lived in Jackson from 1998-2005. I miss the Subway too! I worked at Fenian’s, George St. & Hal & Mal’s- I had lots of friends that worked at Martin’s. I wish Keifer’s would deliver to Gulf Shores! Glad you enjoyed my stroll down memory lane. -Coralie

  2. Such a small world! I lived at 755 Congress, so I went to George Street all the time, too. And I performed at Hal & Mals a bunch with Capitol City Improv, if you ever saw us! So you must know Laura Collins…
    I bet we crossed paths many times and didn’t even know it.
    I worked at New Stage, and my crew also essentially all lived at the Fondren Cups.
    So neat. I miss all that food.

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