Summer PSA: A Flip-Flop Reminder… Again!


As I was walking to get coffee this morning, I noticed a subtle, yet growing pain in my heel. I, then, noted the super-cute (yet, super-cheap) flip-flops I was wearing. D’oh. If you may recall, I wrote a post last summer about the desultory effect of cheap flip-flops on your precious tootsies.  If I (the person who wrote an entire post about the topic) forgot, then I suspect some others might have, as well. Let my pain and forgetfulness have meaning. Let my cautionary tale of whoa not be for naught!

If you are one of our newer readers: Click HERE to read the original post: A Public Service Announcement Regarding Flip-Flops


Here is a pertinent selected excerpt:

Not only do flip-flops not protect your feet from falling items or stubbed toes, but they provide no support whatsoever for your arches, heel, or feet bones. Flip-flops are covered with nasty bacteria and make you overuse your toe muscles to grip. They make your feet more blister prone and completely change your gait setting you up for all kinds of problems down the road. The article recommends only wearing cheap flip-flops to and from the pool or for short strolls but discourages prolonged use. They also recommend replacing your cheap flip-flops every year. When you are buying flips-flops, try to bend them in the middle length-wise… if they bend easily then put them back. Your feet need more!

Take care of yourself and your tootsies, everybody! In fact, in the spirit of foot care awareness, here is a throw back for your Thursday with our article on a natural, moisturizing foot scrub!

foot scrub

What about you? Have you recently bought a pair of el cheapo flip-flops this summer? Are you living that flop life? As always, let us know!



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