Fun Foto Friday Time!

It’s that time again. The memory card in my phone is getting full… so, cue the Fun Foto Friday!


This iteration, like many others, is only vaguely themed. It covers both California and Georgia, as well as the travel between the two! So, lets get started!

Josh works in Glendale, CA off of Central Avenue. They have been doing construction for awhile on a large structure… but recently, I noticed they had erected a sign. I have cleaned up the photo as much as I could to show you, but it is still pretty blurry. The sign reads, “600 N. Central”… but when I was waiting at the light across the street, I read GOON Central… which sounded like a pretty awesome band name to me.


Can you see it? GOON CENTRAL. Love it.

Speaking of things I saw while out and about in Southern California, I was behind a car with the following license plate:


The license plate is obviously not the focus, but the license plate frame is. I’m sure Nissan of Bowie is a completely legit thing, but what I really wanted it to be was the following:


I had way too much fun photoshopping the above… my love for David Bowie runs deep.




How great is the potential of wet cement? What sage words would you write to preserve it for posterity? Your name? Initials? If you are like the genius in my neighborhood, then you go with an old classic. Hey, look! There are my awesome flip-flops!




sausagediaperseditJosh and I are big fans of having our groceries delivered to our front door. And, as such, we recently gave Amazons Fresh program a try. The groceries came in these huge, green bags covered with various names of items available for purchase through the service. For whatever reason, my brain began pairing the words together… my favorite (and most sophomoric) being: Sausage Diapers.

On my personal Tumblr blog, one of my favorite things to feature was the ridiculousness of the great mall in the sky: the SkyMall catalog. I recently flew home to Georgia and found the following examples of silliness:




I am all for animals wearing clothes. But something about this doggy rain coat seemed so silly to me. Is it the complex, retractable structure to cover the pooches head in the name of not squishing the ears? Or could it be that the jacket is awful short and not covering a large portion of the dog? Who knows. Oh! Available in 10 colors! Noice!





gondolaeditOr how about this? What jabroni would pay $60 for this piece of plastic? My apologies to the jabronis… but can you imagine how crazy this would drive your dogs, let alone your friends. I imagine it loses its novelty shortly after it makes its first lap around the pool. Once it has started its three-song loop over again, I can see it quickly losing its appeal. And as much as I love puns, Luciano Poolvoratti is quintessentially groan-worthy.


And lest you think that SkyMall doesn’t have all it’s bases covered, it has products for both sides of the squirrel factions. Which is it, SkyMall? Do you want to kill squirrels or see them rappel down trees? Make up your mind! For the record, I think the squirrel in climbing garb is actually pretty cute. The mounted squirrel however, is creepy to the max. Why are the arms included? WHY? And why are his shoulders so jacked? WHHHYYY???


My parent’s home is pretty idyllic anyways… but the beauty gets ramped up to 11 when you are having coffee in the morning and deer wander into the yard. There is an apple tree at the top of the hill that brings all the lagomorphs to the yard.

The next two photos come to us from trips to Dill’s Food City- one of Lavonia’s two grocery stores.

Dills has always been rife with comedy after their classic 1980’s marquee, “We Now Have Jew Bread!” upon receiving their first shipment of Jewish Rye. Woof.




Check out the generic brand of Hamburger Helper. Panburger Partner… classic. I also like that on the bottom right corner of the box is a graphic touting the various benefits of this product… with the only one being that it’s microwavable…




And while the Panburger Partner is hilarious, Dill’s actually got something totally right. Check out their recent in-store display:


Can you see the Ninja Turtle! Tubular, dude!

And, lastly on our tour of fun fotos, is a picture of my little brother and one of our family dogs, Lil’ Sno. Russell had come home for the weekend from his internship in Atlanta and plopped down on the floor to play with the dogs. He was bemoaning the fact that Beaux, our noble lab mix, wouldn’t snuggle with him and only wanted to wrestle when Lil’ Sno came over and hopped up onto his chest. Those guys…


As always, thanks for playing along with another edition of Fun Foto Friday! Until next time!

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