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My sweet and clever friend Carina wrote this interesting essay about ditching the traditional shampoo/conditioner method of hair washing on a cool fitness blog she is running. I knew immediately after reading it that it was something I wanted to share with FTTDWYW readers and I received her permission to boost the signal. She, like many other people (myself included), are going back to the basics when it comes to the products in their lifestyle… finding that sometimes simpler is more effective. She posits a fascinating hair cleaning alternative (y’all know how much I love baking soda!) and spills the details about her life one-month ‘Poo free. I’ve heard some buzz lately about chemicals in popular shampoos leeching into your body through your skin in the shower. Carina’s post came just at the right time! Because of course it did… Carina is aligned with the Universe. She currently hails from Athens, Georgia and spends her time: gettin’ paid to make theater happen, running a rescue-animal, foster-care refuge in her living room, and keeping long time friend of the blog Derek in line. I am so pleased to share this awesome article by an awesome lady with you! -xoxo, Leigh


I haven’t washed my hair in about a month.

Not with shampoo, at least.

You may have heard of “No ‘Poo” by now. Ladies everywhere are ditching their shampoo and proselytizing about it like it’s the second hair coming.

Here’s the system that I am currently using:

  • Keep a jar of baking soda in your shower. When you’re ready to wash your hair, first wet your hair, then take a scoop (about a tablespoon’s worth) of baking soda, mix it with a bit of water in your hand until it gets malleable, then apply to your hair, scrubbing it into your scalp and all over. Be thorough! This takes a few tries to master. Even now, I sometimes accidentally rinse all of the baking soda down the drain when trying to wet it.
  • Rinse the baking soda out with warm water, and then take a spray bottle filled with half filtered water and half apple cider vinegar and spray it all over your hair. Make sure to get underneath the top layers and onto the roots. This can be overwhelming, smell-wise depending on your shower. If it gets to be too much for you, simply part your shower curtain. Work the vinegar through with your hands (or a comb), and then rinse it out. I have found that once you get out of the shower, the salad-like smell evaporates within a few minutes.

It all sounds well and good, but I had my doubts. What about sweaty post-workout hair? What about curls? What about dandruff?

Well after about a month without shampoo, I’m happy to report to anyone who might be curious.

First off, there were quick, noticeable improvements in the condition of my hair within the first week. With this method plus a healthy, nutritional diet, I’ve been losing less hair when I wash, brush and arrange; my hair has been shinier, and noticeably fuller. I’ve been getting complements every other time I leave the house. Such a quick response doesn’t always happen. Typically there is a 2 week to month-long adjustment period in which hair can get somewhat more frizzy or your roots will be oily as your scalp adjusts. There are natural remedies to any and all of these problems should you experience them.

Workout Hair

After an exhilarating workout, I’ve been rinsing my hair rather than washing. Unlike when I used shampoo, with the No ‘Poo method, rinsing and restyling has been enough. My hair doesn’t smell like sweat and it behaves as if I’ve just washed it. After a few workouts I do a full wash just to prevent any buildup. Many no ‘pooers brag about how little they need to wash their hair, but honestly, I like washing my hair, so I probably will always use this method  at least once a week. If you find that your hair is still weighed down, gross, or oily even after a rinse, I suggest you baking soda and vinegar it.


My hair falls somewhere between wavy and curly. I typically blow dry it straight these days because it’s less of a hassle, but once or twice, for the sake of science I’ve let it air dry after a no ‘poo wash. The result: once dried, my curls are bouncier and actually curls. I will admit though, when I first step out of the shower, my hair feels crunchier than it did when I used conditioner, especially near the roots where the baking soda was concentrated. I know this is worrisome for those of you with actual curls, so either try one of the natural remedies (like a few drops of coconut oil) or keep using conditioner. Find what works for you.


This is what really sold me on this method. As far back as I can remember I’ve had dandruff, as had just about everyone I was close with. No matter what dandruff shampoo I used, it always bothered me. I chalked it up to the climate. Since I started this method, I haven’t had dandruff. I’ve had no itching and I have only found one flake, once. Call me silly, but I didn’t know that this was actually possible. I even convinced my boyfriend to start using this method. At the end of the day, the complements are nice, the curls are nice, but as long as my scalp is not itching I’m never using shampoo, again.

Do your own Research

While I, possibly like yourself, discovered this method through a blog post, I was not convinced until I did my own research. With a simple Google search, I found a whole world of ladies that are convinced this is the best thing they have ever done for their hair. Go out and form your own opinion. I, for one, am now happy to join their ranks.


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