Style Catalog: Spring 2016

Our Style Guide for Spring 2016

It’s a remarkable thing to go back and look at how our styles have evolved in the last 20 (or even five!) years. From high school to present day we have run the gauntlet on style. It is doubtful that we’d be caught dead in cargo pants or over-alls these days but we sure as hell rocked them in high school. Our days of going out in public in our pajama pants are getting farther and farther apart but we did it all the time in college. These days you’re likely to catch us going out in public looking a little less homeless but still, we have our days.

Precious Reader we don’t want you to be left out on our current style trends so sit back and enjoy as we take you through the high points of our outfit of the day (#ootd) for Springtime.

and on the other hand...

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You know those people who are always just put together. Their hair, their face, their jewelry, their clothes, their shoes- it’s all just put together… I don’t necessarily fall in that category very often. Just by nature, I am not that girl. You are way more likely to catch me in shorts or a skirt and a t-shirt or what I like to call a house dress.


I will say this, in my early to mid-twenties, I wore one color: black. And never, ever a pattern of any sort-ever. It drove my grandmother crazy. These days, even on the days that I am lazin’ around the house, my clothes tend to be bright colors or loud patterns.

Glamour Shot www.funthingstheblog.comDuring the summer my outfits of the day are mostly dresses because they are so easy. Let’s talk about this. I love a big-don’t-touch-me-anywhere dress but the trade-off is it makes me look like I’m wearing a big sack and it generally adds about 40 pounds to my already fluffy frame… uh, ain’t nobody got time for that. So, I love a cute flow-y dress but generally, it needs some sort of waist. I have to be careful or I’m gonna look pregnant… again, ain’t nobody got time for that!  But, when you land upon a cute dress that can go from lazin’ around the house to the grocery store to happy hour- you have hit the jack pot. I picked this number up at the Old Navy outlet.

Now, let’s talk about shoes. I wear flip flops constantly-I live at the beach- but, sometimes you need a pair of shoes that aren’t flip flops. I saw a woman at work wearing jellies and asked her where she got them and was blown away when she told me they were Crocs! I mean, Crocs- don’t really register on the cool meter. But the jellies, I went right on out and got me a pair. They are so comfortable. I can wear them all day and all night- no blisters and my feet don’t hurt. I love them. I want another pair in a different color.

The most essential part of my outfit of the day are my sunglasses. Sunglasses are so important. Just like Leigh goes on and on about protecting your feet, we all need to protect our eyes too- UVA/UVB rays are really not good for our eyes and when we got out in the bright sun, we need to wear sunglasses. Because we live, work and play on the water- Bub and I prefer polarized glasses. The ones I am rocking in the picture are my new Costas but I have Ray Bans and Maui Jims too. (Bub wears Costas, Baby Bub wear Babiators.)

At the end of the day, my style is low maintenance. I am not that girl that wants to spend hours doing my hair and make-up, getting dressed, getting ready. That kind of sounds like a slice of hell to me. I want to throw on some clothes that look nice but feel comfortable and Lord knows aren’t too restrictive.


Leigh's SignatureMy fashion tastes are currently in flux. Like me, my tastes have changed a lot in the last couple of years. I’m still probably flashier than some, but have found my tastes skewing more conservative lately. I am in disbelief sometimes as I go through my closet, or my sartorial boards on Pinterest, and how I cannot recognize the person that would wear those clothes. I guess it is all part of getting older- and cultivating a healthy sense of konmari.

Sassy Pants ECard: someecards.comThey say that you should never leave the house in something that you would be embarrassed by if you ran into an ex-boy/girlfriend. It’s a good rule of thumb, but one that is hard to execute 100% of the time. Nobody wants to get dolled up to run to the grocery store on the weekend. As LA barely has seasons many of my Winter pieces are also something I’m wearing in the now. If I’m be-bopping around the house (and on weekends, and working out) I’m wearing black, capri-length yoga pants, a sports bra, and a t-shirt (or pjs if it’s before noon). Not very glamorous, but honest (none the less). If pressed to put on “real clothes,” I have been gravitating towards the following lately:

A lot of my #ootd these days is what I describe as, “Safari Eleganza.” Comfortable pieces, but cut divinely. It seems to work well in LA weather.

I’ve been really into chambray tops lately. The color and breathability make them an attractive and versatile staple. I have two that I wear (one a button up tunic, the other a camp blouse) so much I’m starting to worry what I will do when they imminently disintegrate. I’ve also been rocking the sheer kimono jackets over a black tank and stretchy gaucho pants (which are just the dressier version of yoga pants, I suppose). As it gets warmer, I find myself less (though still) in jeans and often opting for my Army green linen pants.

I love a good jumpsuit for dressing up, and (like Coralie) love a good dress- both loose and more fitted.

Crocs and dignity?As far as shoes goes, you guys already know I love my Keens when it comes to sandals. My go-to ballet flat (and recent winner of the Kinja Best Ballet Flat award voted by the public) is the DexFlex Comfort brand (available in our store filed under High Fashion). These shoes are great. Not only is the price point fantastic (and you can find them at Payless!), but they are incredibly comfortable (especially after you add an insert) and super durable. They come in a ton of colors and patterns and dress up and down. It’s funny that Coralie mentioned Crocs. Crocs has really diversified their band (especially in their women’s department) and isn’t quite the fashion death knell that it once was. After Coralie’s suggestion, I’m totally gonna check out those jellies!





and on the other hand...

Do either of our styles overlap with yours? Would you not be caught dead in Crocs? Did we give you some inspiration to add to your closet? As always, let us know in the comments!

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