That Time Again: A 2016 Spring Playlist for Our Third Blogaversary

A Playlist for Spring of 2016 and our Third Year BlogaversaryThree years ago, we chose March specifically as a launch date for the blog as it is the month with the most potential. Posed right on the edge of Winter and Spring, March is full of the expectation. Whether you are still shoveling show, or starting to notice grass pop up, what better way to celebrate our Blogaversary than with a Spring Playlist?!

1. (Leigh) – Stardust/Martin Denny: I want to live in this song. With tiki drinks.

2. (Coralie) – Brace For Impact/Sturgill Simpson: Guess who’s got a new album coming out? Yep. Sturgill. This is the first single from the new album. And just a little something extra to think about- he sings the theme song for the HBO series, Vinyl.

3. (Coralie) – Twistin’ & Groovin’/Leon Bridges: Man, check this out. This is goooooood.

4. (Leigh) – Part One: Hey, No Pressure/Ray LaMontagne: Love me some Ray. Here is his latest. Good stuff.

5. (Coralie)Tell It Like It Is/ Aaron Neville live from Daryl’s HOuse: I mean, I love me some Aaron Neville

6. (Coralie) Love Yourself/ Justin Bieber: Okay, so- the Biebs is back with another hit… he had a few lesser hits but this one is going to go big. Yes, I have a natural talent for being able to pick out hits.

7. (Coralie)Welcome to My World/ Widespread Panic: this is off WSP’s new album… dare I say this is the best album since Schools died…

8. (Coralie)Look it Here/ Nathaniel Ratcliff and the Nightsweats: “Look it Here Baby, I’m coming home.”

9. (Coralie) Pretty Pimpin/ Kurt Vile: “I woke up this morning and didn’t recognize the man in the mirror…”

10. (Coralie)Girl Crush/ Little Big Town: I just love this song- and apparently lots of other people do too because it won all kinds of awards.

11. (Leigh)Restless Leg/ Har Mar Superstar: This cat is like if Van Morrison and Jon Lovitz had a baby. And I mean that as a plus.

12. (Coralie)Yarmouth Road/ Mike Gordon: Okay, when I told Bub I had to do this playlist, did he have any suggestions- shock of all shocks he started naming off my favorite Phish songs… seriously. I do think this song is super catchy. (Technically, this is a Mike Gordon song that Phish covers.)

13. (Leigh)Humble Pie/ Rolling Stones: A hidden gem.

14. (Leigh)Make it Easy on Yourself/ Jerry Butler: I’ve been on a Burt Bacharach kick lately. Bacharach and The Ice Man? Killer.

15. (Coralie)Take it Easy/ the Eagles: For a long time I swore off the Eagles and still “Desperado” makes me want to kill myself BUT, I watched a 2 part documentary on the Eagles and was reminded that I really do like them and know a bunch of their songs. And a fun fact about this song is that Leigh and I have stood on the corner of Winslow, AZ.

16. (Coralie)Bubble Butt/ Major Lazor: all I can say is watch the video

17. (Leigh)If I Needed You/ the Broken Circle Breakdown: I love a sweet, old fashioned love song.

18. (Coralie)Plateau/ Nirvana: “Nothing on top but a bucket and a mop and an illustrated book about birds…”

19. (Leigh)It’s a Shame/ The Spinners: Love The Spinners.

20. (Leigh)Moma He Treats Your Daughter Mean/ Ruth Brown: I’m all about the tambourine making a comeback.

21. (Coralie)Clint Eastwood/ Trey Anastasio Band: please see the note attached to “Yarmouth Road”. And yes, this is TAB song but Phish covers it.

22. (Coralie)I Can’t Go For That/ Rumer and Daryl Hall: I kinda thought this was his daughter, but it’s not- regardless, this is a great version… sidenote, Bub wondered if he gets tired doing this song with everybody that comes to his house… good question.

23. (Coralie)Lonely Boy/ the Black Keys: First of all, this is a super catchy song. Second of all, watch the video.

24. (Leigh)The Air That I Breath/ the Hollies: So dreamy. So perfect.

25. (Coralie) – Cover of The Rolling Stone/ Dr. Hook: “I got my poor ole gray haired Daddy drivin’ my limousine”

26. (Leigh) Veteran’s Day/ Rick Ross: Love the sample, above all. Makes me want to listed to War with my brother.

27. (Coralie) L.A. Woman/ the Doors: I also watched a documentary on the Doors. I was reminded that I know a bunch of their songs too. I picked this one because we are both LA women.

28. (Leigh) Ain’t Nobody/ Chaka Khan: I listened to this song on repeat for two whole days. Ain’t Nobody better than Chaka Khan.

29. (Leigh) Hit ‘Em Up Style/ Blu Cantrell: Watch out, y’all.

30. (Leigh)  Burn/ Usher: Classic Urssh.

31. (Coralie) Rock With You/ Michael Jackson: I want that outfit.

32. (Leigh) Walk On By/ Isaac Hayes: See above i.e. Burt Bacharach. But, this time with Isaac Hayes!

33. (Leigh) Ordinary World/ Duran Duran: They know how to write a melody, no doubt.

34. (Coralie) Traveling Light/ JJ Cale: “Traveling Light is the only way to fly.” Love you JJ Cale

35. (Leigh) – I’ll Take Care of You/ Bobby Bland: From before his snorting period.

36. (Coralie)Putting on the Ritz/ Taco: I mean, come on.


Are y’all feeling our mix? Did we feature a favorite song of yours? Do you have a celebratory song? As always, let us know in the comments!

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