Our Four Year Blogaversary: Ain’t That Some Shit


Missing our own Blogaversary?! Ain’t that some shit?! We have both been so slammed with traveling, houseguests, and (oh yeah) everything else that life throws out there that we missed our own Blogaversary! We’ve had the post scheduled for months now and had worked on and off on it (when we were diligently trying to stay ahead of the game) but life got in the way (as it often does) and the thought of stopping everything to write just flew off the table. Oh, well. Since our Blogaversary fell on the week in which we take the world to task and ask the age old question, “Ain’t That Some Shit?!” we thought this year for our celebrations, we would do a blog-centric edition of ATSS.

It’s been four years since we’ve started blogging– ain’t THAT some shit?! In fact, when we were planning what we would do this year for our august occasion, Leigh kept insisting that we were celebrating our fifth anniversary, not our fourth. Blame it on the fact that we are NOW in our FIFTH YEAR and have completed four years of blogging. Or blame her optimism. Either way, we’ve got it straight now. But, ain’t that some shit?! In the way back of 2013 things were different: Leigh lived in Chicago and Baby Bubs was, well, a baby. Leigh is now an engaged lady living in Los Angeles and Baby Bubs has grown like a weed. A lot of things have changed over the years, but (as in all things) a lot hasn’t. Join us as we take a look back!

Thinking back to our early days is kind of a kick; remembering the research and due diligence, but also the learning curve. We are most definitely self-taught bloggers (seriously, some of the early posts… oof… go back and read some of those first posts and you can hear our voices) but, we have most certainly evolved. And our graphics have also most certainly evolved; including the physical look of the blog. The massive undertaking of updating your blog theme? Ain’t THAT some shit?! And as much as we miss our old masthead, we are still pretty pleased with our update from last years blogaversary.

Fun Things To Do While You're Waiting

We used to publish five-days-a-week (which is the biggest ‘ain’t THAT some shit?!’ of them all) which yielded a great deal of pretty good content, but also some duds. Seriously, neither one of us really remembers the days when we blogged everyday mainly because we’ve suppressed the break-neck trauma. When pressed to remember such a dark time we each shuddered and agreed it was pretty harrowing. However, we are grateful for the speed at which our back catalog grew and love that for our four year blogaversary we are sitting 580 posts. Woot. Now, that we’re posting once a week (most weeks- ha!) which (we hope) has elevated our writing and content (at least, a little) we are much saner people. So many parentheticals. Ain’t that some shit?!

Living in different time zones? Ain’t that some shit?! The fact that we live so far apart is great (because we both have to different perspectives that makes the blog more inclusive) but sometimes this blogging thing would be much easier if we saw each other– like, at all. Not having updated pictures of us together because the last time we physically were in the same place at the same time was 2014?! Ain’t THAT some shit?! At least it’s better than when we first started out and had to photo shop us together for our early graphics. A big thanks (again) to Leigh’s sweet sister, Donna.

We did almost all of our writing together this year, which was great! Some of the best content on this blog has been when we combine our voices and speak from the soul. But, in the next breath, we each bring so much insight to the table that the other of us knows very little about that it’s a shame not to share all that with our readers. And this new publication delegation has a little bit of both. That is, when we are actually publishing! Because shortly after we debuted our new publication schedule, we each got slammed and didn’t. Ain’t that some shit?! But, whatcha gonna do? Except for the best you can. And that’s all we (or you!) can do! So, carry on (which is what we’re doing) and here’s to another year!

Making up words (blogaversary) and then using them hundreds of times over multiple years? Ain’t THAT some shit?! What do you think? Have you ever gotten your years confused? Do you remember some of our duds? Have you seen our faves from this past year (Subversive Cross Stitch, Our Summertime Grand Slams: Summertime Bag of Tricks, Summertime Cocktails, Cookout Essentials, Beating the Heat, and both our Better Series and Favorite Things/Essential Things posts)? As always, thanks for the love and support and let us know what you are thinking!

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