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Although I know the above quote to be true, it is something I struggle with often. I have to consciously tell myself that my life story is exactly that- MY life story. It isn’t my friend’s life, my parent’s life, or the random Facebook friend from elementary school’s life… it’s mine. MY timetable and my journey.

Why compare where you are in life to where anyone else is in their life? There has never been anyone like YOU before- no one before you, or since you, will be a culmination of everything that YOU bring to the table. Your journey is filled with different characters, experiences, memories, and factors that make YOUR life unique. Factors that no one else will accumulate. How could it ever be comparable?!

I write this because I am writing to myself, as well as the world. All of the above statements are things I know, in my heart, to be true, but sometimes it isn’t an easy pill to swallow. I see people who are: married, have kids, are more advanced in their career, have schmancy homes, or a laundry list of other descriptives… and they are at COMPLETELY different phases in their life while being the same age as me. Just like everyone else, I struggle with jealousy, insecurity, fear, doubts… but I have to remind myself that so does everyone else. Everyone else is ALSO on their own journey.

I guess the lesson here is be nice to everyone. Don’t judge- either others OR YOURSELF! You never know what is in store on YOUR adventure.

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