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It is safe to say that as summertime is kicking off our lives are taking off too. Stumbling over speed bumps is not an option- so, we have a couple suggestions that we keep up our sleeves for when the rubber hits the road. Ain’t nobody got time to be knocked down- especially in the summertime! So, we each have a couple tips we would like to share with you that could come in handy for you at some point this summer.

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Let me break it down for you. I have two biggies when it comes to my summertime medicine cabinet essentials. The first, is sunscreen. And let me tell you, it’s one thing to pick out sunscreen for myself- it is a complete different beast to pick out a sunscreen for Baby Bub. It never fails, at the beginning of every summer all these articles start making the rounds about which sunscreens parents should pick for our littles. This year- the whole hormone disrupting thing that some sunscreens do is scary!

Beautycounter ProtectI want to break it down to the most cut and dry, silly simple terms. Mineral based sunscreens are what you want to use on your kids. Chemical basedhttps://mbergeron1.myrandf.com/Shop/Product/SOSS050 sunscreens are not. And I have a few quick suggestions for you too that totally deserve your attention. The first is the sunscreen protection offered by Beautycounter. Our sweet friend and Beautycounter consultant, Reagen Lozar, did an amazing guest post for us detailing all the woes of modern day sneaky-ass chemicals and the simple fact that when we know better, we have to do better. There you have it your honor. When you know that there are nasty chemicals in sunscreen that could harm your children or yourself, avoiding those is the only option. These Beautycounter products are simply top-notch.

I have been using Rodan and Fields Soothe Mineral Sunscreen for my face and Bub’s face. My co-worker and friend, Michelle Bergeron, turned me onto R&F. This mineral sunscreen for my face goes on clear, is not greasy, protects my face, doesn’t burn and doesn’t break me out- which some over the counter sunscreens are/do all three- not to mention, some of the ones I have used for the last couple years are on the no-no list!

And then, there is Baby Bub and sunscreen. I really do my best to not burn him up like a chicken. I have used all different types of sunscreen in the past- but, I just try my absolute best to be particularly mindful when it comes to protecting his Cool Whip complexion. So for him, I use Babyganics- the spray and the face stick.

I am a fan of spray sunscreens. To me, it is easier to deal with when it comes to putting it on Baby Bub. Lots of my mom friends use lotion- and more power to them. I like the spray. And the face stick is also really nice. It goes on thick so I can see where I have actually applied it and unlike lotion there is less chance of me getting it in Baby Bub’s eyes. You can find Babyganics online or at your local Target.

BabyganicsNow that we have gotten sunscreen out of the way- let’s get down to the real business. Alcohol consumption. Let’s don’t be silly- we should all drink responsibly and not drink and drive anything or anybody anywhere. However, there will be times when alcohol might get the best of you. Bub and I always and I mean, always, have Alka Seltzer Plus Cold medicine in our medicine cabinet. Here is the winning formula that will knock out most cases of cocktail flu.


These are my big medicine cabinet essentials for the summertime. Sunscreen- because, what’s that old saying- an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of not being sunburned? And then some hangover magic for the mornings when I get a little carried away soaking up the sweet summertime.


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I’m glad Coralie mentioned sunscreen. I scream, you scream, you’ll scream if you don’t have sunscreen. Sunburns are the worst. So slather heavily, friends. But, for sunburns, (other than copious amounts of aloe) is to take some Ibuprofen. It is an anti-inflammatory and helps the sunburn from the inside. Follow instructions, obviously. Cool showers and cold beer also helps. Like Coralie, I also get down with Beautycounter’s sunscreen but think that a good defense is often the best offence. I make sure to deploy floppy hats and (on occasion) rock a parasol. Skin cancer: ain’t nobody got time for that.

During the summertime, you are more likely to have outdoor adventures. Sometimes outdoor adventures leave more than just memories if you have been injured, or bitten. If you have been injured, wound care is important. Make sure you emergency kit is ready for action, it will make your life easier during an injury. I also employ Neosporin on everything. If you are concerned about noticeable body scars, silicon scar strips (with CVS’s generic brand being the best) are amazing; better than Mederma. And for mosquito bites, carefully apply a warmed spoon to the bites to break down the protein that makes your skin itch! The more you know!

A Remedy for Mosquito Bites

Baby powder is a summertime staple. And (for your body) things can get swampy fast when the sun is out- especially in areas where there is friction or sweat glands. A quick dash of baby powder to said areas do wonders for keeping you comfortable during hot days full of activities. Though a quick note, make sure that whatever baby powder you choose does not contain talc/talcum powder. Johnson and Johnson recently paid $2.8 billion dollars out to victims of cancer caused by the application of their products containing talc. I like baby powder that has been infused with herbal oils. And speaking of Piper Wai Deodorent picture from Where The Wild Stuff Grows staying cool and dry, a good deodorant is worth its weight in gold. This winter/spring, I tried out PiperWai which is an all-natural deodorant made of activated charcoal that I saw on Shark Tank. Normally the words “all-natural” in regards to deodorant means that it doesn’t work. But, honest to goodness, PiperWai works. You have to be pretty diligent in applying it. Whereas Secret (which is my summertime staple) has some grace period before you start smelling, PiperWai works for 24 hours exactly. If you are an hour past that time, then you are stinky, my friend.



What’s in your medicine cabinet this summer? What sunscreens are you using? Have you checked out our recent Sweet Summertime Playlist? As always, let us know.

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