A Sweet Summertime Playlist for 2016

A Playlist for the Summertime: 2016

It just wouldn’t feel like summertime without a new playlist! Whether it is just a song we are currently jamming to (or, a classic staple of the summertime soundtrack) we have compiled some killer tunes to serve as a soundtrack to your poolside shenanigans. Normally, we give a classic explanation for this playlist, but it’s summertime, and we’re both busy! And ain’t nobody got time for that! Ranked by YouTube popularity for the most part, with a few tweeks here and there. Enjoy!

  1. Summertime in the LBC/ Warren G (Leigh)
  2. Let’s Do It Tonight/ Russell Vandiver (Leigh)
  3. If I Die Young/ The Band Perry (Coralie)
  4. Can’t Stop the Feeling!/ Justin Timberlake (Coralie)
  5. Tennessee Whiskey/ Chris Stapleton (Coralie)
  6. Love Song/ 311 (Leigh)
  7. Big Pimpin’/ Jay-Z ft. UGK (Coralie)
  8. Summertime/ Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff (Coralie)
  9. Dark Necessities/ Red Hot Chili Peppers (Leigh)
  10. Tom Sawyer/ Rush (Coralie)
  11. Summertime/ Ella Fitzgerald (Coralie)
  12. Tighten Up/ Black Keys (Leigh)
  13. Trip Switch/ The Night Thieves (Leigh)
  14. Swingin’/ John Anderson (Coralie)
  15. Rivers and Roads/ The Head and the Heart (Leigh)
  16. Escape/ Rupert Holmes (Coralie)
  17. America’s Sweetheart/ Ella King (Leigh)
  18. Rocket Queen/ Guns n’ Roses (Coralie)
  19. Never Tear Us Apart/ INXS (Leigh)
  20. Para Que Sufrir/ Natalia Lafourcade (Leigh)
  21. I  need a Little Sugar in my Bowl/ Bessie Smith (Leigh)
  22. Space Age Love Song/ Flock of Seagulls (Leigh)
  23. The Other Woman/ Ray Parker Jr (Coralie)
  24. Bitchslut/ Anna Wise (Leigh)
  25. I’ve Got Rights/ Hanks Williams, JR (Coralie)
  26. All Mixed Up/ 311 (Leigh)
  27. Jackie Wilson Said/ Van Morrison (Coralie)
  28. Ain’t it a Sin/ Charles Bradley (Leigh)
  29. Pussy Control/ Prince (Coralie)
  30. Wristband/ Paul Simon (Coralie)
  31. Still/ Seinabo Sey (Leigh)
  32. Blue Indian/ Widespread Panic (Coralie)
  33. BYOB/Can’t Sleep/Shake- Guy Clark, Jr (Leigh)
  34. Fixing a Hole/ Electric Wurms (Leigh)
  35. Tin Cup Chalice/ Jimmy Buffett (Coralie)
  36. You Belong to Me/ Carly Simon (Leigh)
  37. Don’t Need It/ Seratones (Leigh)
  38. Don’t Take My Sunshine/ Soul Children (Leigh)
  39. The Waker/ Widespread Panic (Coralie)
  40. Dreams/ the Kinks (Leigh)
  41. No Other Way/ Ray Lamontange (Leigh)
  42. Fabulous/ Empire Cast (Leigh)
  43. It Won’t Be Long/ The James Hunter (Leigh)

So, what you say, get up and dance!

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