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What IS the je ne sais quoi feeling of, “Ain’t That Some Shit?!” Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Who knows? It is a Coralie original, and one that quickly entered into Leigh’s vocabulary. But it is getting thick up in here! And we have just got to lay it all out there for you. Our Mommas always told us we’d catch more flies with sugar than vinegar… but we’re both pretty handy with a fly swatter.



Coralie's Signature heading1. I have a deviated septum and a polyp and my doctor wants me to have that sinus surgery. I tell people that and if they know what I am talking about, they make the most horrible face. Now, ain’t that some shit?! They never say, oh this surgery is going to make you feel so much better-  you’re going to be able to breath better, smell better, snore less, stop living with a perpetual sinus infection- rather they say the recovery is horrible and it may not even work. Well, that’s awesome.

2. Sturgill Simpson‘s got a new album out and it’s got a Nirvana cover on it (“In Bloom“)— ain’t that some shit?! Y’all, if you have still not checked Sturgill out- you are doing yourself a disservice. He is just truly amazing. He puts the bad ass in bad ass. This latest album, A Sailor’s Guide to Earth, was written for his first born child- which just makes me love him even more.

3. It’s April 20th. (You either know what that means or you don’t.) Who’s got some good shit?!

4. *****Steps up on political soap box, taps microphone 3 times in rapid succession

Let me say, I am just over the political landscape of my country near and far. The presidential campaign started, oh about 6-8 months too early. And frankly makes me want to go bury my head in the sand. There is no clear and back-lit front runner. And I hate talking shit about the South but, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Alabama Governor Bentley is on the verge of being impeached– it all stems from his divorce and an alleged affair with and ex-adviser… really? Yes, his opponents are upset he allowed the use of a state funded helicopter to bring him his wallet after he left his home in Tuscaloosa after an argument with his ex-wife about his alleged affair and drove to Gulf Shores forgetting his wallet at home. Ain’t that some shit?! I think a much better reason to impeach him is because he most recently passed a bill forbidding Alabama cities from increasing minimum wage. I can’t even. I’m not saying misusing tax payers monies (4k is not a tremendous amount in the big picture) should be overlooked but to impeach, we probably need a pile of stuff… North Carolina, you didn’t think I’d forget to welcome you to the shit show did you? A law. About. Potty Breaks. Ain’t that some shit? Literally. Surely y’all have bigger things to worry about than who uses the bathroom where? And Mississippi. Business is business, it’s not personal. But, why do you want to discrimihate? Again, don’t you have bigger issues to worry about? There’s this legendary song writer- you may of heard of him. His name is Robert Zimmerman, most people know him as Bob Dylan. He has a song titled “Mississippi” and to pull a quotation from it, “The only thing I did wrong/ was stay in Mississippi a day too long”


*****Drops Microphone, gets off political soap box.

and on the other hand...


Leigh's SignatureImage from: Just finished my taxes. It was a marathon, not a sprint. And this year had some complicated stuff than usual. No matter how “pleasant” the process, it is still one of my least favorite things to do.  Tax season: ain’t that some shit?! If you got a refund, congratulations. You’ve been doing your taxes wrong all year. But big picture, doing your taxes means you made money this year. There are so many who can’t say that. There is (at least) that for which to be thankful.


2. Hiking is great. So long as there is no falling. Josh and I were hiking (yes, you read that) and I took a pretty bad tumble. I’m doing fine now, but there was some pretty gnarly open wound care going on at my house for a spell. Open wound care: ain’t that some shit?! I’m currently dealing with major scar management (which could also be filed under, “Some Shit, Ain’t That“) but it could have been so much worse. #praisehandsemoji *photo taken minutes before fall*

3. It’s election season. As always, I’m pretty disgusted with all of it. Around this time every cycle my interest starts to be eclipsed by my disgust: both in the candidates and their tactics, but (more recently) with political memes on Facebook. We live in a time and place where you can apparently say anything you want regardless of whether it is factually correct– especially on the internet. Ain’t that some shit?! All I’m saying is that if you are going to share something inflammatory, vet it first. Do the research. The internet is full of junk. Share mindfully and lets slow the roll of hatred and misinformation.

4. I’ve been Spring cleaning lately. Doing a little konmari. Utilizing space better and making our stuff work for us instead of against. Jojo is a big proponent of saving boxes for valuable electronics– which I concede is valuable… but this past weekend we threw out four HUGE boxes for electronics that we had tossed years ago. Ain’t THAT some shit?! We’ve cleared up so much space that I was able to completely revamp our office/guest bedroom. And I love reorganizing and making my space efficient to the max, but there comes a time in every big re-org where you are in the eye of the clutter storm…you guessed it, ain’t that some shit?!


There you have it your honor, ain’t that (indeed) some shit? What’s got YOU fired up today? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading,


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