Ain’t That Some Shit: August 2016 Edition

The title cards for the August 2016 Ain't That Some Shit

Hey! Can you believe that we just flipped the calendar to August? Ain’t that some shit?! Oh! Wait! That reminds us– it’s time for a new edition of one of our favorite oldies.

shitbumptopCoralie...1. a. Before Baby Bub was born I swore that he would never sleep in our bed and really that he would sleep in is own room. And then he was born and I realized that 2 of our 3 bedrooms were upstairs and there was just no way that I could be on a different floor than him. After much persuasion and trying other options I convinced Bub that we should all move upstairs. We could have a bedroom and Baby Bub could have a room… in theory, a good plan until Baby Bub just about refused to sleep in his own room. He has slept on his palette, in our room, for the last year- ain’t that some shit?! So, what was the point of us being upstairs again?

  1. b. Since the remodeling of our house Baby Bub has taken over our den- so, why not put a bed in there and call it his bedroom? (And we could move back into the master bedroom and master bath.) He was immediately on board with this plan. AND since we got his big boy bed in there he has slept, all night, by himself, in there! Ain’t that some shit?! Some very awesome shit!!!

2. I want to put this out there first and foremost:

just be cool

Ok, that’s my thoughts on which of the current candidates is best qualified to be the next POTUS. Seriously, both candidates have some major glitches in their candidacy. But, it is way cool that we have our first, truly serious, national political party nominated female nominee. Ain’t that some shit?! That is some way cool shit!

3. Okay. I want to be clear. I most def use retail therapy as a means to recover from the bruises and gashes I get from navigating what life throws at me. At the end of the day, that’s the truth. I just love shopping. I love looking for a bargain. I love high quality, name brand stuff at bargain basement prices. One of my favorite clothing stores is Banana Republic. My local factory store has an awesome clearance section, I love a clearance section. So, imagine my delight when I got to Banana Republic last week and this sign was just out there all happy and waiting for me to get there:

Banana Republic Clearance

Ain’t that some shit?! When you show up at your favorite retailer and clearance is 50% off! That is some great shit!

4. Y’all. Sometimes I call Leigh and she’s all like, I can’t talk long because my groceries should be delivered any minute. Wha? That’s just a luxury that I have never really thought I would ever get the chance to experience. But, I was wrong. Get this, Wal-Mart has a new pick-up and delivery service they are testing in my area. Ain’t that some shit!?! My Wal-Mart is not delivering yet- but, I can go online, order everything and select a time slot and when I get there they will bring it out to my car and I can just peace out! Ain’t that some shit!?! I found out about this service the day after I did a huge haul at the grocery store (ain’t that some shit?) so I haven’t used this service yet, but I will and I will totally keep you posted.


  1. 1. I’ve made many a reference to my inability to grow herbs in our current location. As such, this past Christmas, Jojo gifted me with a hydroponic Aerogarden. Not only does it work, but it works too well. We’ve gone from having zero fresh herbs handy to having too many. Too many fresh herbs? Ain’t THAT some shit?! It requires constant pruning and (of course) the herbs that grow the fastest and strongest are the ones we use the least. If anyone has any novel suggestions for what to do with Thai basil and dill, I’m all ears.


2. My long-suffering favorite flip-flops finally bit the dust. In the intervening years we spent together, the company stopped making that particular style and their replacement offering is sub-par. Ain’t that some shit?! I have been on a quest since to find a substitute and have been fruitless at every turn.


I’m cool as a cuc about somethings, but extremely particular when it comes to others and this search becomes more frustrating by the minute. I’m looking for an extremely supportive sandal that is both attractive and functional. It is apparently too much to ask. Why won’t anyone let me throw money at this problem?! Anyone got any thoughts? Again, I’m all ears.

3. Do you know what is the worst? Carsickness. I am always amazed at how mountainous Los Angeles is. Within this major city are some of the most switchback, circuitous roads I’ve ever encountered. None of which bother me when I’m driving. When I’m in the backseat of an Uber (after having had drinks and dinner), in stop-and-go traffic, on my way to see one of my favorite bands, on a blind first friend date, at a venue which is tucked away into the mountains, that is when it bothers me. Carsickness is never convenient, but throwing up in a strangers car with someone you’ve just met seemed particularly inconvenient. On the plus side, the instance served as a pretty immediate friendship litmus test and the rest of the evening went off without a hitch (after some pretty aggressive dress washing in the bathroom). But uggh, cleaning up sick? Ain’t THAT some shit?!

4. I love the Olympics. It is one of my favorite television events. Every two years, I look forward to finding that random sport that I’ve never heard of and becoming obsessed with it. I had the honor of attending the Atlanta Olympics, but think Chicago dodged a bullet when Rio won the honor to host it this year. Reports are flying fast about the dubious condition of Rio and its facilities. Turns out, their water quality? Ain’t that some literal shit?! Won’t someone please think of Bob Costas?


Hey! That’s a wrap on the latest installment of Ain’t That Some Shit and just a little peek into what is circling around our brains and lives at this moment in time. What do you think? Are you an emotional shopper? Do you have a killer recipe for Thai basil? As always, let us know in the comments!

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