October 2016?! Ain’t THAT Some Shit?!


Ain't That Some Shit?! The October uhdish of everyone's favorite #truthtellers

The fact that it is late October warrants an ‘ain’t that some shit’ on its own merit. How is it Halloween already?! Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping into the future. I mean, we are already doing our stretches, getting ready for the Holiday 500– ain’t that some shit (though we are looking forward to this year’s installment of Our Favorite Things)! The only way to find out what’s causing us to exclaim, “…ain’t that some shit?!” this time is to read on. Ain’t that some shit?!



  1. Okay everybody, stand back. I have my very first 9-5. Yes, you read that correctly. For the first time in my life, I am working a 9-5 job and most importantly, I love it! Ain’t that some shit?!? Officially, I am a trade director for ITEX Barter Exchange. And I want to try to wrap it up in a nice, neat explanation for you. Basically, I help small business trade with each other- ITEX, more or less, is a trade bank. It is a great solution to help stretch a business’ cash flow. All I can say is, it’s awesome- and I highly recommend any business owner checking it out. There are ITEX franchises all over the U.S.
  2. www.funthingstheblog.comAnd I hesitate to add this precious soul to my list but, I want to iterate that sometimes there are things you just can’t explain or come to a reason a situation happened. There is never a reason that a parent should have to bury a child- ever. And, one of my oldest friends had to do that recently and that is nothing but some shit! Dear, sweet Andie Shannon and her parents are a testament to how indeliable the human spirit can be and teachers to us all of how to receive and give grace with gratitude.
  3. And speaking of children- Bub and I have kept Baby Bub alive for FOUR YEARS! Ain’t www.funthingstheblog.comthat some shit?!? I never really imagined myself as a mother and now, I can’t imagine my life without Baby Bub. He is the smartest, cutest, stubbornest, sweetest, loudest, insanest little boy I have ever had the joy of calling my own. The fact that he is four is just mind blowing and a whole pile of ain’t that some shit in and of itself!
  4. day-is-doneMy 37th birthday is tomorrow. Ain’t that some shit?!!! Seriously. I can rememeber being a child and my parents turning 37 and just thinking how grown up there were- Not old, my grandparents were old. My parents were just grown up- like way grown up. And now, I am turning 37 but, at the end of the day- I feel like I’m 27. Don’t get me twisted- I have nothing against turning 37, I get better with age- it’s just that… I feel as old as 37 seemed when I was a kid. My grandmother used to say she was 16 stuck in a 65…70…75…80 year old body!  Turning 37, I understand where she was coming from- ain’t that some shit?!?!
  5. party-of-threeAnd the biggest ain’t that some shit of all on my part of this installment: Scott, Party of 3 has most certainly made a turn into the next vignette of our lives. We have. We most certainly have turned the page. Baby Bub will always be my baby- but, he is def not a baby any more. Bub has gone to the next level in his job and with that comes all the glamour of being the HBIC but also, it comes with all the shit that comes with being the HBIC- it’s been an adjustment for us both. And me settling into a 9-5 job- maybe working 9-5 M-F- won’t always feel odd. I know that the last time, in my life, when I turned the page was when Bub and I moved to Gulf Shores almost 7 years ago. I am in a much better head space for this page turn- thank God! ain’t that some shit!?!!





  1. It’s dark outside by 7 p.m. Ain’t that some shit?! No matter how many lightboxes I own (or how close to the equator I move), losing daylight during this time of the year is a thing for me. I can physically feel it being leeched from my day. But, I am better equip each year to deal, so hooray?
  2. voteedrealThis election season: ain’t that some shit?! No matter which way you vote, just make sure you do! But I don’t need to remind you? You are a reader of this blog (meaning you are smarter than the average bear) and I’m sure you are not only registered, but have voted early. I mailed my ballot in last Thursday night at 10:30 in my pajamas! I was so excited, I used a schmancy stamp! Isn’t the democratic system rad? Do your research. Find out what’s on the ballot. Participate.
  3. There are so many things I love about traveling. Booking reservations? Ain’t that some shit?! I just got back from a trip and have three more planned between now and January 10th. I feel like I have spent half my life lately on travel booking sites. Sometimes booking is easy… but the other 91% of the time it is the worst. Sometimes there is a large conference descending upon your chosen city and there are no hotels to be found. Sometimes flights that cost $190 yesterday now cost $1875 today. The wading between windows and sites is the worst. But, it’s a necessary evil, I suppose. A first world problem, for sure… and this is me checking myself before I am wrecking myself. I am truly fortunate to be able to jet across the country to see people and places I love. Hooray for travel booking!
  4. Have you ever had an epiphany on your attitude while writing a blog post? Ain’t that some shit?! *winky face*
  5. Doesn’t it feel like every time you start to feel like you might be getting anywhere financially, inevitably, there will be an unexpected expense. Car repairs? Medical bills from an unexpected injury? Whatever it is, why does it feel like every time it comes in, it’s already gone. Don’t worry, kids… the wolves aren’t at the door, but I got an unexpected expense recently and you better believe the first words out of my mouth were, “…ain’t that some shit.”
  6. savoryedToo many herbs. STILL! But differently! A month or so ago, we decided it was time to “reset” our hydroponic herb garden and “replanted” an Italian Garden assortment. I put “replanted” in quotations because I don’t know if this can really be called planting. Thoughts? Anyways, the herbs all grow at different rates, but basil is (as usual) being a jerk and crowding everybody out. We are also growing something called “savory”. I’ve looked it up, I’ve roasted vegetables with it, but I still couldn’t tell you what it is. Mystery herbs. Ain’t that some shit?!
  7. Reaching for ways to end a sentence with “ain’t that some shit”? Ain’t that some shit.
  8. As she mentioned, tomorrow is Coralie’s birthday. Don’t forget to show her some love and help her celebrate another ride around the sun. Gettin’ older. Ain’t that some shit?!


It’s the end of the post! Ain’t that some shit?! What do you think? What has been your worst ironic, ill-timed unexpected expense? Are you a 9 to 5-er? Do you prefer it? As always, let us know what you think!


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